Posting Schedule

In part because I don’t want to have any of you guys reading being like “Whaaa where are posts!” and in part because if this schedule is out there, instead of just in my head, I will be less likely to not stay dedicated to updating this snizzy. So in short, scheduling ftw!

For now, I plan to post twice a week: Tuesday and Thursday. Because I like days with T’s in them apparently! But no, seriously, I have a lot of other projects I work on during the week (which I will definitely be sharing here, as well!) and Tuesday and Thursday are my free days currently.

So yeah, watch out for posts twice a week! Thanks for reading!


Author: Crystal

A California based musician who is as passionate about music as she is video games,, Crystal (or ValkyrieCeles around the interwebs) loves to gush about her various nerdtastic loves, rant about anything currently catching her fancy, and generally just express herself in any creative outlet she can get her hands on. An avid reader, writer, and dreamer, Crystal has been leaving pieces of herself around the internet since 2006.

2 thoughts on “Posting Schedule”

  1. Hi! Happy to see another blind person on the internets, that likes FFVI no less, if the user name’s anything to go by. Thanks for the schedule, I’ll look forward to updates, if nothing else.


  2. Hi! Yes, the user name is FFVI 🙂 it always makes me super happy when people get that reference (it’s hard to come by lately which makes me very sad) thank you for reading, and also glad to see another blind person on the interwebs!


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