Jewelry Making Musings

Hi guys! On Tuesday, I was crazy busy and just didn’t have time to post. By the time I had gotten back home I had no time to write something substantial enough to merit a posting, so I apologize! Honestly it’s the first blogging day I’ve missed and I feel super guilty about it D: but I will make up with it today by posting twice, and then next week will be all on schedule again! But now, onto my post.

If writing my own music has taught me anything, it’s to stick to your own style. It’s easy to tell yourself that you need to do pop, or rock, or country because it’s popular, or because your voice tone is closer to ___ in said genres, but ultimately, you gotta do what’s you. I’ve fought with truly being myself in my creative endeavors for far too long, and am recently just figuring out that hey, it’s ok to be you in all aspects of art because surprise, people want to see the real you and hear what you love doing, not some pale imitation of your work because it”sounds hip” or “is popular”. It’s up to you to make your style popular, doesn’t matter what genre you’re composing or singing in. What matters is that you’re happy with your work, and can proudly show it to the world.

I said that because, it got me thinking. I can easily think that way with my music, but with jewelry for some reason, that premise just doesn’t click. Wouldn’t it be the same theory, though? Create a piece you like and can stand behind and sell it to the market it’s for. I was thinking today: What did I initially want to start creating jewelry for? I look at my pieces now and sure, they’re pretty, and I am proud of the work, but something is stopping me from posting them on Etzy, or trying to sell them. What I think that thing is, is my lack of love for my pieces. I am happy with the end result, but it’s nothing that I pick up and feel and am like “Ohmygosh, this is amazing I’m so happy I made it” like I am with listening back to my music.

So my question to myself is this: What did I initially want to make jewelry for? Below will be a bit rambly because I’m just jotting down my thoughts, so bear with me XD

I find it funny that this thought process started after I looked at a video for some dragon scale beads. The example shown in the video was a bead woven bracelet, and I just thought of all of the cool fantasy themed pieces you could make with those. Like, those cool, bib style scale necklaces with the nice oval pendant as a focal point. What I originally wanted to do when I first started making jewelry, was mystical or fantasy, or video game type pieces. I remember my first thought being “I can make a Kirby pendant, that would be so cool!” XD and I didn’t realize that making a pendant would take a whole other set of materials (crystal clay or resin). Knowing what I know now, however, I think I could make the fantasy themed jewelry I’d want to make, and have always wanted to make.

I definitely think my creation palette has expanded, though. Before I just wanted to be able to make video game themed pendants. But now, I’d love to make very medieval, magical, fantasy, and nature themed pieces. Lots of mermaids, ocean themes (my two favorite things) fairies, and that really cool scaled look, as well. Currently I’m most interested in learning bead weaving and resin casting to make my own things, because I already know a decent amount of wire work, and have done everything I can with stringing. Wire work is something I enjoy but, just can’t keep up buying all of the materials to keep it going sadly. Granted, can’t buy resin or bead weaving supplies at the moment, but both things are a tad more versatile when I finally can buy the supplies to do them.

I’ve always had jewelry making as a skill, but it was never something I super enjoyed doing, even though it was something I have always wanted to do ever since I was a teenager. I think this epiphany has a lot to do with that, though: I’m not a person who can do something she doesn’t love to do, no matter how lucrative it may or may not be. So what I plan to do is outline different themes or styles that I have in mind, and always have had in mind and go from there (much like I did in this post only far more scattered because that’s how I roll with my personal notes XD) I did that method with my song writing and it worked very well. Hopefully it will work well for this, and can get me on the right track with jewelry making because I love it so much!


Author: Crystal

A California based musician who is as passionate about music as she is video games,, Crystal (or ValkyrieCeles around the interwebs) loves to gush about her various nerdtastic loves, rant about anything currently catching her fancy, and generally just express herself in any creative outlet she can get her hands on. An avid reader, writer, and dreamer, Crystal has been leaving pieces of herself around the internet since 2006.

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