DIY Musicians Conference Experience

I’m writing this post from my hotel – I’ve been in the Illinois/Chicago area since last Thursday due to some business (and some hanging out with a friend XD) and one of those business trips, was going to the first DIY Musicians Convention sponsored by CD Baby. Basically, it was a convention geared specifically for DIY Indi artists, and every panel was focused on how to book tours, design your album covers, have successful album releases etc etc, and doing it all the grassroots way. This is the way I have, and will be building my career, so my Momager and I decided to go for networking and the panels and snizzy. Honestly, I didn’t know what I was expecting going to this thing, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to want to mingle and network because I’m a shy person. But after being there for a few of the panels, and seeing everyone interacting with each other, I just had to jump in and talk to people! It was so much fun talking to other artists. One of my favorite things was telling people I did Celtic music, and having them know what I was talking about genre-wise haha. So many times I get “…What’s Celtic music?”. I got to talk to people who had released albums, who had been touring for a while, who did so many different genres of music, and no one was stuck up or anything! I was so amazed at how supportive everyone was of each other, how no one was trying to one up each other and just everyone wanted to help everyone succeed in what they were doing, and were generally interested in the music people said they were doing/performed.

Another awesome thing? The people who were giving the panels just gave an open floor to everyone there to ask questions and stuff. Like they were standing in the hallways just chilling, or in the lounge, and when you stopped to ask them things they gave really in depth advice, and even gave their cards saying they’d be willing to help out if you contacted them after the Con. Just a really great environment, and I really can’t wait until next year’s convention. Unfortunately, I was only able to go to one day due to hotel mixups (the hotel saying they had a shuttle that would go places it did not -_-) so next year I definitely want to book a hotel closer, or in the place the hotel is being held so I don’t have to deal with travel to downtown Chicago and just can be there to enjoy it haha.

A lot more happened this weekend! But that shall be for a different blog post! This convention really got me geared up and ready to go back home, and go even more full throttle into making my career progress! When I get back home, I’m going to start working on the original I was working on before I left, and start recording the project for that video game song that I also was recording before I left. Plus stuff for my YouTube Channel…just so excited to get back, and get going! Rawr!


Author: Crystal

A California based musician who is as passionate about music as she is video games,, Crystal (or ValkyrieCeles around the interwebs) loves to gush about her various nerdtastic loves, rant about anything currently catching her fancy, and generally just express herself in any creative outlet she can get her hands on. An avid reader, writer, and dreamer, Crystal has been leaving pieces of herself around the internet since 2006.

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