The Wanderer Part 1 – Fantasy Ballad

During one of my writing sessions I wrote this ballad. I wanted to turn it into a song that spanned two tracks, but in the end I just couldn’t think of any feasible way to come up with a melody for this, cut the rhyme scheme to be a bit more song-cohesive, or come up with a melody for the accompanying music. I was thinking of trying to shorten it, but honestly I liked how this story came out in this form so…yeah, just think I’m going to post it here. So here is part 1 of what I’ve titled “The Wanderer”: A fantasy inspired ballad about a young man trying to find his purpose in life. The 2nd half of the ballad shall come this Thursday! And hey, if you have any comment on how to weave this into a song, feel free to comment – love getting constructive criticism!


The Wanderer – Part 1


I left my home one summer’s eve,

To find my own way.

I was not meant to live my life,

As a farmer earning wage.

I didn’t dare tell my kin,

They’d stop me, with no doubt.

“You have a sure thing here my son, why struggle and live without?”

None of them could understand,

The dreams held for my fate.

A hero, a warrior, a legend wove,

From my deeds so great.


With no goodbyes I ferried a boat,

To the continent of Rune.

A magic land of fei and might,

Where my tale would be told.


For many months I journeyed on,

Fighting creatures I never knew,

Demons, dragons, shaman sworn

To roam the land lost in sin.


Upon one morn, I rested weary,

Caught off guard, a demon flew,

I thought for sure my end was Nye,

Until a flame, so bold and bright,

Barreled forth, the demon slew


Startled, I look upon the mage,

A woman, fair and young of age,

Her ebony hair cascades in waves,

Down her back so pale.

Her emerald eyes gaze upon,

The miserable state that I was in.

With a gentle hand, she took mine.

And asked of my good health.


I reassured her I was well,

Before I launched into the tale,

Of why I was so far from home,

Concern the maiden showed.


“You’ve journeyed so far, just for this?

For a greatness that you will certainly miss.

Your foolishness could cost your life.

Your recklessness will cause you strife.”


I glared at her, my pride was hurt,

I pulled away, glared with scorn.


“If you have such care for life,

Then why are you here, why do you fight?

I’d think a maid, so frail and weak,

Would find a man to care for her needs.

Tell me girl, why do you roam?

In this forest all alone?”


Her eyes narrowed, with venom she spat,

“Tis the last time I shall save your life.

Ungrateful man, you do not know,

The perils that you can find in Rune.

Tell me now, how long will you last?

Without a mage, without a task?

If wandering aimlessly is your goal,

Then you’ve done well, I’ll tell them all!

‘Oh how great The Wanderer’s fate,

A man who has no guidance.

A Man who’s destiny thought so grand,

But really, his life was fruitless.

I’ll make a deal with you, kind sir,

I’ll give your tale some purpose.

I’ll journey with you from this day.

I’ll fight beside you, be your mage.

Perhaps then, I’ll shed some light,

Upon your pointless life.”


At first, I wanted to protest.

But then I thought better.

Why not take this wayward maid,

She would make my tale far better.


And so for months, we journeyed on.

A Hero and his mage.

I would bare my blade for her,

And she would light creatures a blaze.

In tandem we worked, until one day,

I found myself smitten.

With this beautiful woman, so bold and brave,

Who now gave me new meaning.


One dark night, I told myself,

I would tell her my true feelings.

Fate had something else in mind,

As bandits crossed our path.


A skirmish wrought the moonless night,

Her fires blazed with passion,

One fowl foe got too close,

And struck her down with fervor.


Enraged, I returned his gesture in kind,

Mindless, berserk, I chiseled fine,

The flesh of all who did oppose,

My maiden so brave and bold.


The bandits fled, I fell to my knees.

I held her in my arms and pled.

“Please don’t go, I love you so.

My ebony mage of fire red.”


A weakened smile was her reply.

A stroke upon my cheek.


“Promise me this, my cherished one.

Let your purpose take wing.”


Her emerald eyes then did close,

Her body cold and limp.

I howled into this moonless night,

My grief had overtaken.


That very night, I buried her.

Gave her final rights.

I took my blade and journeyed on.

I now knew what she meant.


No longer willing to wander far,

To fill my heart with glamor.

I wander on to find my home,

Where I truly belong.

But know this, my fair beloved.

You shall forever be in my heart.




Author: Crystal

A California based musician who is as passionate about music as she is video games,, Crystal (or ValkyrieCeles around the interwebs) loves to gush about her various nerdtastic loves, rant about anything currently catching her fancy, and generally just express herself in any creative outlet she can get her hands on. An avid reader, writer, and dreamer, Crystal has been leaving pieces of herself around the internet since 2006.

2 thoughts on “The Wanderer Part 1 – Fantasy Ballad”

    1. My biggest fear is that I’m not getting across the mood I’m trying to portray in my writing, so thank you so much for that comment – it means the world to me 😀


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