Purpose – The Wanderer, Part 2

It has been months since the day,

I lost my only beloved.

A maiden with hair of ebony,

And a passion for life and love.

In mourning, I wandered on and on.

Although I once did swear,

To find a meaning, a purpose in life,

For my maiden so fair.


Twas one day, in a tavern filled,

With patrons boisterous and grim.

Where I heard a tale so wrought with fright,

Of a creature that plagued the land,

At this, I started, I turned to see.

What the patron told.

The land of mages who did wield fire,

Was being fraught by dragon born.


Without a doubt, I knew this was,

the land of my loves birth.

A place where mages of fiery resolve,

Lived and tended to the hearth.


Without a second glance to thee,

I journeyed to this place.


The land was filled with desert sands,

Air acrid with decay.


No one was seen for miles and miles,

But huts and homes were there.

I wondered why no one was out in the open,

Until I saw the dragon bare.

It’s fangs and wings blot out the sun,

A canvas of sheer black.

With a feral roar, it lunged at me,

I barely dodged the attack.


I withdrew my blade, was ready for

The battle that ensued.

Though not gifted with magic as my trade,

I knew what I had to do.
Protect this land, the children, the hearth,

In which my beloved was born.

With that realization I felt a blaze,

Of spirit, of passion, of hope.


With this new desire, I stood,

Before the dragon so fierce.

I charged at it, my blade so poised.

To cleave the creature through.


Blood fell from the wretched maw,

Of the open gash formed in its chest.

I had won, the dragon fell.

As did I, now wounded in kind.


My vision bleary, but now at peace.

I can join her now.

Into the beyond, I was ready to go.

Having found my fate, my destiny met.

But with a shout, a rustle of cloth,

I knew my life was not over just yet.


For days, I felt so drained and weak,

Memories of her smile,

Filled the empty void of sleep,

In which I was enraptured.


A delicate voice roused one day,

From the endless slumber.

I opened my eyes to gaze upon,

A maiden so like my lover.


She smiled, her face filled with relief,

As she told me of her grief.

I was drifting to the void,

For nearly fifteen days.

She then began to tell the tale,

That had been woven lately.

Of the foreign warrior so brave,

Who destroyed the dragon that had plagued,

Their homeland for so many an age,

And now had come to awaken.


She then told me of one mage,

Who once had lived here bravely.

Her sister who would fight the beast,

But simply could not defeat it.


She left the town, but swore one day,

To find a warrior bold and brave,

Who could return with her one day,

And defeat the dragon born.
She was certain that was me,

A warrior, a hero indeed.

She begged for me to make this my home,

To protect her kin, her townsfolk.


I smiled bright, I somehow knew.

That this place was my new home.

A place in which I did belong,

A place where valor would be my yarn.


And so for years, I stayed to protect,

The homeland of my one true love.

Tales were woven of my deeds,

Of all the creatures I had slain.


In this land, I found my purpose,

I found my place in life.

And I shall stay, until my dying day.

And guard them all from strife.


And as I did, the years went by.

My body grew frail and weak.

At last, was time to lay to rest.

My spirit drifted to the void.

And as I journeyed through once more,

A land so new and foreign.

My fiery mage of ebony,

With a smile so broad and captivating,

Took my hand, at once we flew.

To the great beyond together.



Author: Crystal

A California based musician who is as passionate about music as she is video games,, Crystal (or ValkyrieCeles around the interwebs) loves to gush about her various nerdtastic loves, rant about anything currently catching her fancy, and generally just express herself in any creative outlet she can get her hands on. An avid reader, writer, and dreamer, Crystal has been leaving pieces of herself around the internet since 2006.

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