Causing Your Own Creative Block

It’s really weird how you can cause your own creative blocks sometimes, and not even realize it.  For the past few weeks, I was putting off mixing the game sized version of the Mana Aeliria theme song (I had recorded the vocals for it weeks ago, and was just sitting on the mix).  I was also working on some Kill La Kill covers that I have yet to go back to because of “lack of motivation”.  Today, I finally decided to sit down, stop being lazy, listen to takes and mix this thing.  Low and behold:  My creative energy has returned!  I no longer wanted to sit around and not record, I started to make jewelry again, and my brain and body are just overflowing with that crazy manic, excited, probably not super healthy creative energy I tend to get when I’m in major creative moods.
This all happened after I finished this one project.  Before it, I was dreading doing anything music-wise.  I was practicing a song that I needed to polish the chorus on for days, and haven’t gone back to it in 2 weeks, even though I have the chorus down pat now.  My vocals were not as good as they could be when I was recording, and I just overall felt discouraged.  I didn’t realize, that it was my subconscious telling me to get this song done first, and then move onto omy other projects.  After all, people were waiting for this, and in the back of my mind I felt guilty for sitting on it for so long.  Sure, I wasn’t given a deadline, but I had a personal deadline I wasn’t meeting, and it was nagging at me so much that my other projects were suffering.  I had never had this happen before, so experiencing it for the first time, and realizing that was the cause was…interesting, to say the least!


I guess lesson learned:  Don’t procrastinate on projects!  A lesson I have to continually keep reminding myself of, because I do this far too often XD


What about you, do you ever get into procrastination slumps?  How do you get yourselves out of it, just power through?  I’d love to hear in the comments!


Author: Crystal

A California based musician who is as passionate about music as she is video games,, Crystal (or ValkyrieCeles around the interwebs) loves to gush about her various nerdtastic loves, rant about anything currently catching her fancy, and generally just express herself in any creative outlet she can get her hands on. An avid reader, writer, and dreamer, Crystal has been leaving pieces of herself around the internet since 2006.

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