My Viking Knit Epiphany

My method of learning a new jewelry technique usually goes like this:


Look up a ton of tutorials/you tube videos of said technique, then try and visualize the instructions the instructors are saying.  Go and try said technique, then if I am not getting it still, either go back to the video after doing it, and then try again with new perspective.  If that doesn’t work, I go to a sighted friend or family member, ask them to look at the video, and they describe whatever step I ask them to specify the best they can.  Then, I go back to trying the technique until something clicks, and I get it right.


That has pretty much been my Viking knit journey, and earlier today, when I was looking up blog posts about the technique, I had my “Aha, it clicked!” moment.  With Viking knit, every instructional material I’ve seen says to put a dowel/pencil/round object in the middle of the starter daisy, so you can start your weave around the piece, and make a tube with your weaving.  To that I went, “Bah!  Who needs that?” because what I was visualizing as the knit, was having the starter petals straight across from each other, instead of in a circular, more flower shaped setting.  So what I was doing, was weaving straight across, and making flat tubes of knit instead of weaving around any sort of circular object.


Is this wrong?  Yes and no:  I’m still practicing the technique that is Viking knit, and have a few flat pieces that honestly, I really like.  I don’t have a draw plate yet, so not sure how they will look when I pull them through, but as they stand now I think the flat looking Viking knit looks gorgeous, and I’m really happy I stumbled onto doing it this way.  One of those happy accidents, I suppose!

I do want to learn how to do it properly, though, but at least I’ve been practicing the process of Viking knit, so now all I have to do is get used to weaving it in a tube, instead of weaving it flat.  I really hope I’m getting it right this time XD I have a list of notes I wrote down, to try and get weaving in a tube to work for me.  The main reason why I stopped trying to weave around something in the center of the knitting, is because it was really hard for me to keep a tactile “eye” on keeping my work even.  So I took some notes on how I can work the knit in a tubular fashion, and still be able to keep my hands on the work, because that’s how I make sure my work is even.  We’ll see what happens after I experiment some more tonight!


Have any good Viking knit tips and tricks?  I’d love to hear them, because I’ve only been weaving with this technique for a week, and am freaking obsessed XD I know I won’t stop Viking knitting for a while!  Now to get a draw plate…


Author: Crystal

A California based musician who is as passionate about music as she is video games,, Crystal (or ValkyrieCeles around the interwebs) loves to gush about her various nerdtastic loves, rant about anything currently catching her fancy, and generally just express herself in any creative outlet she can get her hands on. An avid reader, writer, and dreamer, Crystal has been leaving pieces of herself around the internet since 2006.

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