2016 New Year’s Resolution Mid Year Review

I usually don’t do this, but I thought since I blogged about it at the beginning of this year, I’d do a new year’s resolution update.  I know I’ve already completed some of the things on the list, which I’m happy about:  But not sure how many things, and want to look and see if anything has changed throughout this first half of the year I have to adapt.  I think this will be a super fun exercise, and help keep all of my goals on track for the rest of the year!  I’ll put a ** next to the goals I have completed, add any notes to ones that have changed at all between left and right brackets, and stick a – next to ones that are currently still in progress, and use // for goals that simply aren’t on my list anymore.  After that, some closing thoughts.  So without further ado:


2016 New Year’s Goals and Resolutions June 2016 Update


— Get my first single track on Loudr and bandcamp by February [Didn’t happen, and got cold feet a bit but am hoping to still do this by the end of the year]

**  Finish recording the Mana Aeliria theme song by February, latest by March.

//  Learn at least 1 cord on the guitar XD but I want to shoot for 3! [I’m really not interested in learning how to play guitar anymore, because I have a bit more interest in percussion and woodwind instruments]

—  Buy an ocarina, and start learning how to play it. [I am going to save a decent chunk of money after I buy my jewelry haul and do an instrument haul, and this will be  a part of it so it’s still in progress]

—  Buy a keyboard, and start learning how to play it.

—  Start composing music with instruments, instead of just with acappella

**  Learn what it takes to make a fuller a cappella mix of a song

** Learn how to master tracks and try to with the ones I have atm. [I tried, and wasn’t that good at it.  May try again though]

—  Start releasing the tracks I’ve been writing, as singles.  Release a full album by the end of the year. [I’ve released a few original songs on my soundcloud, but have more so it’s still in progress]

**  Find an artist to do cover art for singles, albums, and other things I need (banner for YouTube, things like that)

//  Pay for some hosting space and make a new version of my crystaldennismusic website.  Preferably on bluehost with wordpress engine. [May still do this, but on a free engine]

**  Get a better camera so I can start filming youTube vids of me singing and vlogs.

—  Finish Terris Magic. [Episode 5 has been at a stand still and need to crack down as a producer]

—  Finish new story I started, and start producing it. [Legit need to get on the ball with writing ing general]

—  Get percussion instruments (jingle rings, bodhran or other type of drum for folk/Celtic/medieval sound

—  Join Bandcamp, post songs on Loudr.

—  Get a higher YouTube subscriber count [I have!  But want more lol]

—  Keep on posting on YouTube all year!

//  Start doing live gigs again, and street performing [Don’t think it’s really feasible just yet, but hopefully it will be soon!]

—  Keep on writing original songs

—  Finally make a track for my Terra Lyrics I have haha.

—  Buy a 2 channel preamp, and a microphone as well – ideally, get 2:  another condenser, and a dynamic

—  Keep on building my home studio with the stuff channels say to buy (keyboard, mics, computer, headphones)

**  Overall just keep on building my craft in music and my internet presence

** Don’t slack on the blog!

**  Start making jewelry again:  buy a chasing hammer, wire looping pliers, and a nylon jaw plier.

**  Get some 24 and 20 GA wire.

—  Sell jewelry!  Repurpose current pieces if need be to sell.

**  Start working on wire work jewelry and with crystal clay since those are the 2 things I am most interested in.  Also bead weaving and that metal engraving thing.

**  Keep on writing stories, lyrics, start writing fanfiction again and just keep writing stuff.

** Stay creative!  Don’t let that creative bone die.

–  Spend at least one day a week off skype, and use that time to create stuff on the computer (or off lol) [Have done this somewhat but probably should try harder XD]

— Pay off credit card

—  Bake more because it’s super fun



So I have completed 10 goals on my list, that’s major progress, and a lot more than I expected to have completed by this time of the year!  I usually have about 5 done by the end of the year, so seeing this is really exciting, and makes me want to just keep doing what I’ve been doing, with improvements of course.  I find it super interesting that even though I haven’t looked at these, they have still been in my mind:  Like, I’m getting ready to buy a ton of jewelry stuff, and after that some instruments, and I haven’t even looked at this list until now.  I’ve been getting a lot more active in the video game music community also, and I’m currently in the progress of setting up so I can get over my camera shyness and start shooting videos.  I haven’t been very active on YouTube this month, but it’s because of that:  I’m determined to have my next video be me on camera!


Here’s hoping the rest of this year goes as well as the first half has, goal wise!


Author: Crystal

A California based musician who is as passionate about music as she is video games,, Crystal (or ValkyrieCeles around the interwebs) loves to gush about her various nerdtastic loves, rant about anything currently catching her fancy, and generally just express herself in any creative outlet she can get her hands on. An avid reader, writer, and dreamer, Crystal has been leaving pieces of herself around the internet since 2006.

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