About Me

This blog is a place where I talk about all of my creative goings-on.  I’m a professional Celtic crossover artist, but I also have a lot of artistic, creative hobbies such as jewelry making, writing, and producing radio dramas.  I talk about my creative process here, the struggles and lessons  I go through with each project, general musings about creating…basically, this blog is where I like to document all of my thoughts and experiences as I go along my creative journey.  If you’re a long time reader of the blog, then thank you!  I appreciate you reading my random life ramblings.  If you’ve just found the blog then welcome!  Hope you enjoy reading the posts here!


I scatter different pieces of myself throughout the interwebs – All of the links where you can find me are in the sidebar of this blog, and any other important links that happen to arise will be posted in blog posts more than likely.

So yeah, that’s about it!  So pull up a chair, stay for awhile, and let’s have fun creating art together!


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