An Eciting Surprise!

I got a statement email from Soundrop, the site where I distribute my music to selling/steaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc etc.  Now, I only have 2 tracks up to distribute – one the Smile Bomb collab I did months ago, and the other my Terra’s Theme with lyrics.  I would get occasional updates from my collaborator on Smile Bomb, saying it streamed this much on Spotify and things like that and it was cool hearing how much people were listening to it but I didn’t really think of the actual money being made because I knew it wouldn’t be that much.  And, I knew Terra’s theme wasn’t doing too well – last time I looked at it, it had made one cent USD.  It doesn’t bother me at all, but like I said, I just posted up on distribution platforms, realized doing singles wasn’t my thing (I’d much rather make full albums of covers so I don’t have to get a piece of album art for everything I do and realized that while getting Terra’s theme together).  I figured, “Distributing music really doesn’t make a difference, no one is going to buy my stuff anyways because I’m some nobody that if they did want to support me, they’d just listen to my videos on YouTube”.
Until I got my first payout from Soundrop!  Wooooo~


Like I said, I wasn’t expecting this at all!  You have to hit a certain payment threshold before Soundrop pays out any money to you, and it isn’t a big threshold but I hadn’t hit it yet.  I need to still look at the stats for Terra’s theme, but I’m like 100 percent sure all the revenue is from Smile Bomb, and it’s so cool!  It made me realize that no matter how small an amount you think you’re going to make, it’s worth putting stuff up there on platforms you can get paid for because someone may just be looking around and see your song or something.  Like it’s so cool to me that this is 100 percent passive income, and all I did was pay the 9.99 to distribute a few months ago and got this money now!!  Not something I really ever foresaw happening, but it did and it’s amazing!!


I’ve been thinking about making music to be able to sell/license  out royalty free style, and also been thinking about releasing compelation Eps/albums of my covers from the year I’m able to make money off of (aka the ones I made myself, using no karaokes for).  I think God was like “Yes do iiiit” with that because I log onto my computer today and see this, and it just inspires me to not slack on making music, and vocal warmups, and really hone my craft so I can make whatever amounts of money at this that I can.  This payout wasn’t expected, but such a blessing!


Don’t know how to close this post out because it’s really just me gushing and being excited so…I got my first Soundrop payout today!  Wooooo!!!


Baked Goods are Back! Banana Bread and Cherry Quick Bread

I’ve been having a hard time getting back into the blogging way – I’ve still been enjoying not being on the computer a ton!  I’m debating just blogging when I have something to say instead of feeling obligated to do so all the time on this blog, but at the same time, the schedule I had before was nice.  Maybe I’ll do one post a week on here or something, I dunno.  I’ve been slacking on doing things on the computer in general, so really have to get back on the ball with doing the things I actually need to do on the computer lol.


I decided to group these both in the same post, because in all honesty I don’t have much to say about the cherry bread.  I made these both a while ago, so no pictures, but if you’re interested in the banana bread recipe, I used this one – and it turned out delicious!  I didn’t have a big enough pan to do the entire batter in one go, so I split it between two cake pans.  It baked really well.  I was a tad skeptical about adding the oats into the recipe, but I know they absorb moisture.  Some of the oats didn’t absorb exactly, so there were a few oat flakes in the finished product, but it added to the texture for me.  I’d really been wanting to do banana bread for months (since I did the apple cinnamon bread earlier this year) so I was happy that I finally remembered to pick up an extra bunch of bannanas while shopping so I could make the recipe.  Next banana themed baked good I want to make is a banana cream pie, because every time I buy one form the store it has nuts in it which I don’t like.  That’s one thing I love about making my own baked goods – I can customize it however I want!  I don’t like whole nuts in things, and neither does the rest of my family, so I figure if I ever add nuts I’ll just pulverize the nuts into a powder for the flavor of the nuts instead of having chopping annoying nuts in my batter.
I’ve been watching Bigger Bolder Baking for a whiel now, and this was the first recipe I’ve tried from her.  I have so many others saved I want to try, but this one was a good one to start with – I was sold on her recipes before, but now I am even mooore sold because having tried one it’s soooo good!  Next recipe of hers I want to try is chocolate cream puffs, they seem really easy and really delicious!




The cherry bread I decided to do on a whim.  I had an entire bag of cherries (I love cherries and had wanted them for a while, so was happy to get some at the store) but my family wasn’t eating them fast enough.  So I decided to take them and make a cherry bread.  This recipe is known as a quick bread, so nice and simple.  I didn’t have the cherry juice to make a glaze with, because I wasn’t using canned cherries, so decided to make the brrread without said glaze (or any glaze) and boy, was that a mistake.  The bread was rather bland tasting, the closest thing I could relate it to was a scone.  I like scones a lot, but this was like…a bad tasting scone lol.  After I put some vanilla frosting on, wow the difference!  It brought out all of the flavor I was missing from it being plain, and the day after it tasted more like a good scone.  I usually improvise on a recipe if I want to try something different, but this was the first time I did so and the results weren’t favorable.  So, I learned that If I do a bread like this again, to definitely glaze it.  When I made this I didn’t have any powdered sugar either, so I didn’t try just a normal glaze.  But I guess these types of breads need to glaze to bring out the flavor, because the ingredients aren’t as bam as other sweets I’ve made.  Nice learning experience!  I don’t know if I’d make this bread again, though:  All in all, I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but I may try it again some day and see if I change my mind on it’s taste.


And those are the two breads I’ve made lately that I hadn’t made BEFORe!  Now I need to make one more thing to catch up with my bake one thing a month new years resolution, and I’ll be set.  Like I sadi in my last post, I think the net thing will be pita bread, but we’ll see if my mood changes!

Where Have I been? A Life Update

Hi guys, it’s been a while!  I figured I’d explain a bit about why I’ve been MIA on this blog because I tend to post on a regular basis on this one, where on The Blind Nerd I post when I have something to post.  The main reason is I just needed a break from the internet.  I guess a sort of media fast in a way.  I felt like the amount of using the internet and absorbing all of the pop culture media I was doing had gotten a bit out of hand, and was starting to impede on my walk with God.  I didn’t think it would really be this long, but I’ve mainly just been using the computer for when I actually need to use it for things, like mixing songs, looking up things, reading my Bible, and other than that and watching the occasional youtube video (which I’m also working on cutting down on) I disengaged from all the noise that is social media, and internet culture.  I really needed to disconnect, reaffirm my faith, and come back slowly but surely with a lot more discernment  to what types of shows, music, and media I expose my brain to.


Everyone’s walk  with Christ is different, and everyone has vices and temptations they have to try and stay away from.  For me, in a way, it was taking in soooo much of the pop culture media out there.  With the amount of shows trying to make statements, set themselves apart from other shows, and send messages for people to receive, it honestly was blurring  moral lines from black and white to gray, and for me personally that isn’t ok.  So like I said, just had to take a step back, start reading my Bible, spend more time with my family, and with Jesus.  I’m slowly trickling back into the fold but I don’t want to   be anywhere near as open to every piece of media that I used to be, because doing so was clouding my walk with God which also isn’t ok by any means.


So what have I been doing, you might ask?  Pretty much the same things I do when I’m offline – spend time with family, and bake!  I’ve been slacking on making jewelry but want to get back into that.  Also, been making music, and looking for old Gospel music and church hymns to listen to since I’m not finding too many modern Christian artists I’m liking.  If you have any good recommendations, I’d love some!


I haven’t posted too many baked goods of the month because…I sort of slacked on that haha.  I had 3 to catch up on in the month of August, but baked two new things and know the third thing I want to make to catch up with that resolution of mine.  Funnily enough, they’ve all been breads – I made a cherry bread, a banana bread, and am planning on making pita bread for the last catch up baked good of the month.  I’m super excited to do the pita bread, since I’ve been nervous to do any breads with yeast, and I’ve read that one is one of the easier breads to start with.  I probably would have made the pita by now if I wasn’t craving brownies and made those twice this weekend, but either way it will get done XD
The holidays are coming up too, so I’m really excited to bake some holiday goodies!  I’ll have individual posts about each of the breads coming, so look forward to that.


That’s all that’s been going on with me, hope the rest of you are doing well!  God bless!

Give Me Jesus Cover


I’ve been working on getting this out for the past week, and with the help of my Mom, we got it out!  I’ve really been feeling a pull to start doing more music sharing my faith, and started with this song because it’s my favorite hymn.  It’s a lot of firsts for me:  I haven’t asked for help from my Mom to make a video in a long time, I haven’t just done a simple cover like this in a long time, and I haven’t been so open about my Christianity in ages.  I want to start doing so however, and I find that the way I profess my faith the best is through music.  I hope God blesses you in whatever you do, and have a great day!

Becoming Bolder and Braver in my Beleifs

I’ve always had trouble  being a bold person.  Whenever I get to know   someone, I tell them I’m shy and they go “No you’re not” because once I get to know someone, I’m very talkative.  At first, I’m anything but – I have a hard time talking about things that aren’t directly in my line of interests, and am very much a small talk avoider.  This plays into my lack of confidence I think:  I feel like I have nothing interesting to say, so I just don’t say anything.  Or rather, why would anyone want to pay me any attention?  I’m not worth paying attention to.
Along those same lines, with the things I want to share, I have a hard time being up front about doing so.  I write blogs but rarely share the posts, and rarely comment or seek out other blogs because who would want to read my stuff anyway?  I sing and write music but I never ask for a collaboration because either the person will say no because I’m not worth the time of day or my music isn’t something I think is worth sharing.  I suck at marketing, because I don’t think anything I do is worth it.  I know none of this is true on the surface, but those darker thoughts always plague  me and it’s an ongoing battle for me.


I’ve gone through so many phases of my life thinking something about myself isn’t worth sharing.  I went back and forth about talking about being blind openly on the internet for years before actually doing so – I had known a group of friends for a year before actually telling them I was blind and they asked me “Why didn’t you tell me?” my answer was “I was afraid of what you’d think”.  I’ve just always been that sort of person who has been more meek, but with what I’m about to talk about, I don’t want to be that way anymore.


I’m a Christian, and recently I’ve felt a pull to speak out more about my faith.  I’ve been praying, and thinking of all of the different ways I can reach people with my different talents, but that’s not really what I wanted to talk about right now.  It just always bothers me that people can openly bash a religion, specifically Christianity, but when a Christian stands up for their faith, the person who started bashing Christianity takes offense.  It’s that sort of closed mindedness underneath the guise of open mindedness that always frustrates me, and is part of why I want to get bolder in speaking out about my faith.  It doesn’t even have to be somewhere where a Christian thing is being discussed:  I literally was in a chat room where online Yugioh duels were taking place, and after the duel someone just randomly started talking about Christianity in a not nice light.  I know everyone isn’t a Christian, but is it just me or is it super random to just see that sort of thing thrown around about Christianity? If it were done towards any other religion people would have a cow over it, but for some reason doing it to Christians has recently gotten ok to a mass amount of secular people, and I’m honestly not willing to just meekly bow out of conversations about it anymore.



If someone decides to call Christianity out, I’m going to start being bold about it and replying back to them in turn.  I don’t think it’s right for people to be insulting my beliefs as casually as I see it happening on the internet.  I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in God and the Bible, and I’m going to find ways to integrate that into my everyday life.  I’ve been praying about being bolder, and serving God to my fullest potential, and am going to take so many strides to doing so from now on.  God has given me so much, the least I can do is stand up openly for him and declare my faith in any way I can.


This blog has always been my personal lifestyle blog, and I’m going to start posting, along with my other posts, posts about my religious journey.  It helps me to filter out my thoughts this way, and it’s a start to being bolder about my faith.  If I don’t do this, I know I’ll always be afraid to be bold in any aspect of my life, and honestly I’m rather tired of that aspect of myself holding me back.  It’s hard to fight through fear, but I’m going to do so and post this, and continue to post about my love for God and Jesus Christ wherever I can, because I feel it’s what I should be doing.


The posts this week have been rather heavy, I know, but these are the things that have been on my mind as of late.  Blogging is really the best outlet for me to get my feelings out, and even just writing this on the word document I draft my posts out first is making me feel better and braver, so I’m honestly really excited to start writing more about Christianity and my beliefs, and being more open in general!


People will always be afraid to do something:  I know this from personal experience.  But it’s not the inability to be afraid you should be trying to master, but the ability to fight through your fears to do what you truly want to do that keeps us going as people.  I’m going to fight through my fears of being judged by people, and be braver, and bolder in my life, and my faith!

Stay Safe, Everybody

I’ve been watching Hurricane Harvey footage all week and it’s hard to think of blogging about something else when this is weighing so heavily on my heart.  This disaster, more than any other, is just so hard and painful to watch because of the amount of people effected.  Thank God I’m not anywhere near the hurricane sight, but the urge to do something to help people is over whelming for me.  Maybe it’s because I’m older and wiser or something, but this event in particular is effecting me so much more than any other disaster that’s happened in my lifetime.
I just wanted to write this post saying the footage is both heart breaking and moving.  Strangers are helping each other, both trained and untrained volunteer’s  are rescuing those effected, people are raising money, getting food, and clothing, for those in shelters, and it’s truly shown me that God still has a hand and on his people, and is sending his own to help out in these troubled times.


The damage is horrible, but it could be worse.  The amount of people willing to help is a testament to how resilient Texans are, to how good those who follow Jesus Christ are.  It makes me want to help in any way that I can.



If you’re in the affected areas, stay safe.  If you’re not and want to help, there are so many places you can donate money to – the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, a lot of Go Fund Me Campaigns are out there to give to those in need.  If you can’t give money, pray for the safety of those effected, and those who are still out there fighting to keep people safe.  The rain seems  to be clearing up now, but the worst isn’t over for them yet.  They still have to rebuild after this, and God willing they’ll bounce back, even stronger than before.
Stay safe out there everybody, wherever you are.  I’ll be praying for you!

Bubbly Clouds Kirby cover

Bubbly Clouds Cover [Kirby Series] – YouTube


I’m knee deep in teaching myself renpy/python coding in which I mean I have just barely gotten down making 2 types of menu choices and am now reading up on making variables in python when it’s still pretty intimidating to me, but ‘tis the way of things when you’re used to teaching yourself things.  I’m so used to the initial struggle of the learning curve that I’m just saying to myself “You’re going to be able to look back on this one day and say man, I can’t believe I struggled with doing that, it’s so easy now”.


But those are musings for another blog.  For this one, I continue Kirby month with a cover of Bubbly Clouds!


I say “continue” but this is going to be the last cover for the month.  I was hoping to do one a week for Kirby cuz I love him so much, but the other two covers I wanted to do I wanted to put more time into arranging because I have a lot of ideas for them.  I love this and Green Greens, but they’re both pretty simple in terms of my usual arrangements as of late.  Not a bad thing, but the other two I just really wanted to be a bit more…artistic than these two, as hipster as that sounds haha.  I don’t really have much to say about this one, it was a lot of fun to put together!  Not gonna lie:  I love how cute my upbeat Kirby covers sound, and this one really captures the floating bubbly feeling Bubbly Clouds gives me.  I feel like I can’t do a Kirby cover that doesn’t sound cute, they just come out that way XD


Finally got to use my shakers in something, so that was nice!  My musical style uses really scarce percussion usually so whenever I try to add shakers to something, they just never fit.  This was the first time I recorded them and said “Yeah, this sounds like it fits in here” so I was like woooo I finally get to use these things I purchased months ago lol.  Using the claves for that click clack bubble pop sound was super fun, too!  And a lot easier than trying to do it with my tongue clicking noise, that was a heralding experience.

Happy Birthday Kirby, you’re amazing and cute and I love yoooou!  Now back to my learning code cave~