Getting Into Yet Another Hobby, Drawing!

Since I don’t have enough things to do in my life (if you’re new to the blog, that’s total sarcasm, I have more hobbies than I know what to do with them) I decided to get into yet another thing!  It’s something I’ve thought I’d never be able to do again, but after reading a few articles on the subject, decided to give it a go because I used to do it when I had vision and really enjoyed it.  That my friends, is drawing!


It all started when I saw news that a 3D Doodler pen  was accessible to the blind.  I found this out through a blind gamers forum I joined recently, in their off topic section.  I expressed interest in how cool it would be to be able to draw again, and a user commented with alternative ways to draw that the blind have utilized, and linked to a few source’s.  The one that stuck out to me most was this one  and it got me thinking…why not try it again?  Of course I’m not going to start out as a Mozart  or anything, but I really would like to just draw and color, and see what happens.  So I ordered a sketch pad, some art grade pencils, and am going to start watching drawing tutorial videos on YouTube to get a general idea of how to do things!  I know there’s no surefire method to drawing, and practice is key, but I’d just like to learn some basics I can use as building blocks to start sketching.
How am I going to outline my drawings?  Is something you may be asking.  Well, let me show you!  The user who replied to me mentioned these and how the blind use them to outline their  work.  They then take a pencil, and draw with the wikki stix still down, and color in with them down also, and when everything is done, you pull them off, and you have your drawing!  I had used wiki stix in the past, like way back when they weren’t even remotely popular.  In high school, my brother would use them for his geometry class, and his assistant would make raised shape outlines with them.  So when I saw that people used these for that same sort of purpose, only with drawing, I was like “Duh, because that’s how we used to use them”.  So I bought a pack of wikki stix along with my sketching supplies, so I can do that method.  The 3D pen would have been cool, but I’m more into hand drawing than making 3D models and stuff.  Plus, with the wikkis, you can make 3D models too, so win-win with having both around the house.


I already have colored pencils, even though I would have liked to buy some prismacolor ones lol.  But they were just an added unnecessary price tag, since I have some already.  I’m more excited about the artist grade pencil set, that’s going to be cool to use!  And I got 2 sketchpads, so plenty of paper to work with – which I read is a must for beginners.


I’ll keep you guys posted on how this goes!  If anything, I’ll do it as a relaxing hobby.  I’m really excited to be able to even do this though, and it’s all thanks to finding other inspirational blind people on  I’m so happy to have found this community, because there are tons of fellow blind gamers, musicians, game creators, and it’s just such a nice breath of fresh air as opposed to older blind communities I’ve been a part of back in the day.  Of course there’s forum drama, because what forum doesn’t have that, but all in all, a great community, for both sighted and the blind.  If you want to check it out and are sighted, go ahead!  There are some sighted people on the boards that hang out too, which I find super cool.


I’ll be sure to post my pictures when I get started!  But don’t be surprised if when I start, it’s just a ton of colored in shapes haha.  But excited to add drawing to my long list of hobbies in 2018!


My Thoughts on the YouTube Partnership Changes

I tried to condense this into a tweet but 280 characters is too small for me on this issue so time to blog about it!


If you haven’t heard, YouTube has changed their guidelines for becoming a YouTube partner – aka, putting ads on your videos to make one billionth of a cent on each view of your video.  Because of a big YouTuber doing something incredibly stupid, (which happens entirely too much), YouTube has decided to “crack down” on…everyone who has done nothing wrong.  The new Partner guidelines require a channel to have 1000 subscribers, 10000 overall channel views, and 4000 hours of watch time within a 12 month period.  They’ve sent an email out to all their smaller creators, myself included, and have said if our watch time doesn’t get to 4000 in a month, then our partnership is terminated.  If I get to that I can reapply for partner, but seriously YouTube?  Punish everyone who has a smaller channel and let the bigger people who caused all of this drama get off scott free?


I have such mixed feelings about this.  Was I planning to be a full time YouTuber?  No.  Is it going to effect my channel?  No:  I put monetization  on my videos because I could, but have only made a dollar on it and you need 100 to be paid out by Google.  I have to reach 20 dollars on Soundrop, and have, because it’s a far easier goal to reach.  It’s conflicting because it’s not like I was making any money at it, and not like I was planning to be a full time YouTuber – it’s just a hub for my music, which I sell elsewhere and a creative outlet for me.  But what it makes me feel like is a piece of trash that YouTube could care less about.  Why upload videos to a platform that decides to change the rules to hurt everyone, accept the person/people that did the wrong thing?  Oh wait, YouTube is the only massive video hub, so you’re stuck with it if you want to post videos people will actually run across and possibly watch.


I’m not going to change the way I run my channel, but I legit was getting pumped about getting back into making videos.  I’ve been enjoying making let’s play videos, was planning to start recording choice videos of me singing on camera, wanted to live stream some mini concerts, was going to start vlogging eventually.  Like I said, I’m not going to stop doing any of this, and am still going to post on YouTube, but after they showed their utter lack of consideration and care for any small creator, I’m not going to put all of my eggs in one basket so to speak.  I’m glad I was already planning to distribute my music more openly this year on Spotify, iTunes, etc etc, and I’m going to make a more active effort to promote my patreon, as well.  Because if YouTube isn’t going to support ALL of their creators, then why should their creators support them?  It sucks that they are the only big video distribution platform out there, but I don’t see that changing so it’s between dealing with their garbage policies, or not making videos at all.  I love making videos, and stopping making videos I feel is letting YouTube win, so to me the best alternative is to use YouTube for what it originally was intended for:  posting and sharing videos, and not making money on it.  Make money elsewhere, where you’ll be treated far better.  Heck, with as little as spotify pays out per stream, at least once your content is on there, they don’t yank your chain when they feel like it.  I’d much rather build a spotify following because of that, and since my medium of creation is audio, it’s a win-win for me.


So yeah, TL;DR:  I’m just going to use YouTube like I usually do, and branch out to better oppurtunities for actually making money.  I’ve had this mindset of post whatever you want on YouTube, and if they are going to treat everyone like this, that just reaffirms to me that I’ve made the right choice in not trying to bend to their whims.  My channel won’t be adversely  effected – I’m pretty sure.  I saw someone mentioning that a demonetized  video is harder to search for?  But I highly doubt that.  Hey, look on the bright side:  It’ll save me going to another tab while uploading a video!


Do you have a YouTube channel?  What are your thoughts on this change.  If you wanted to make a channel, does it make you second guess doing so?

Took a Little Break from Music

And by little, I mean liiiiittle.  I took a week off from arranging this ambient album, and went to do some other things.  It really helped me re-center what I wanted to do with this ambient album/EP I’ve been working on, and how to approach it.  I also discovered some nice new tricks I can use for videos, and that will also help me in the future!


I have a decent amount of covers I haven’t posted, so decided to work on getting my backlog out.  Linked below is the first part of that series of covers!



Working on ambient tracks is certainly an adventure all it’s own.  I’m realizing covering dungeon/cave music, or more atmospheric sounding stuff in general is a far better route to take.  Also, I realized you can be a lot more liberal with the chords you leave in and out of the arrangement, and in listening to some other ambient tracks, and some awesome advice from friends, I realized that I can try and combine some sparce strings with vocal layers as said chord progressions in the covers, and see how that sounds.  All in all, ambient tracks are a lot more experimental, and I’m going to take advantage of that and experiment with different approaches to each track.  I just went and made 2 soundscapes to play with for arranging over,, and have to go do a third one to tinker with too.  But I’m not going to stress too much over arrangements in this style and just go with the flooooow~


Blue Fields is one of the tracks I’m going to have on my ambient album of Final Fantasy tracks, so I hope you enjoy it!

Let’s Play Blind Love, Blind! Episode 1 of my Let’s Play series


So this is the type of content exspansion I’ve been talking about, and I’m super excited to share it with you guys!  I decided to play this visual novel because the name was something I couldn’t pass up, and playing it blind has been really fun.  I’ve already gotten the 2nd episode recorded, and have to edit it, didn’t think I’d have as much fun recording these as I do!  It’s super chill, relaxing, and fun just recording how I react to these things, and I hope you enjoy this ride with me 😀
In other news, I’ve learned 2 very valuable skills.  How to record and use OBS, and that I can edit audio for videos in Reaper, my DAW of choice.  I love it!  With Reaper, I can sync up audio for videos and do it easily:  Just hear if I’m talking with myself at the same time, and bam!  Video sysnced and ready to go.  This is going to work wonders for me, because I used to have to find an editor to do something that basic, but now that I can do it myself, I think I’m a lot more open to recording myself singing on camera.  Having to find someone to sync up audio was an extra stress level that made  making cover videos not enjoyable for me, so I’m so happy that that is over!  I’m still testing doing different videos, and recording with OBS, just learning the software, so I can use it optimally.  Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and do a live stream eventually, who knows!


2018 is shaping up to be a great one full of changes for the better for me.  I’m getting out of my comfort zone, and really liking the things I’m doing, I wouldn’t normally do.  It’s stretching my creative brain too, I can’t wait to get back to doing some covers in a style I came up with that I am going to test, and see how it works!

RE-Learning When to Take a Step Back from a Creative Project

I feel like I’m just going to post on here when I have something to say.  That’s a decent amount of time mind you, but my old post 2 times a week on specific days plan wasn’t working for me the last few months of 2017.  However, for now at least, it seems like posting when I have something to say, and telling myself post 2 to 3 times a week works, so that’s how I’m going to run this blog for the time being.  We’ll see how it goes!  But anyway, onto the post~


I’ve been working on a project that stumbled into my sights a few weeks ago.  When reviewing all of the tracks set for one album release, there was one that just wasn’t meshing with the rest of them.  After having a few trusted people listen to the track listing, we decided to pull one of the tracks in question off, and leave the other track in question on the first album.  So having just one track floating around my harddrive with no album to call it’s home, I decided to make an ambient album of tracks to fit that track on, and have another EP to release later in the year.


Didn’t realize how much of a learning experience this would be!


I tried so many arrangements of different tracks, and hated them all.  Yesterday, I just went “Forget it, maybe doing this album isnt’ for me” but then I got a message from a friend who I had told about the album, and they said they were super excited for it.  It’s going to be full of ambient Final Fantasy tracks, so they mentioned the dungeon/cave themes of the franchise, and we started talking about them.  That’s when it hit me.


I had been trying to do world map and town themes, but for ambient tracks, I’ve only gotten 1 world map theme from a game to work.  The rest of the things I’ve been recording and trying to mix I really disliked, and that’s why I just felt discouraged and burnt out from even wanting to continue the project.  That, and I had self imposed a deadline on myself to have it all done by the 15th of this month, so that didn’t help matters.  But talking about that music, made me completely change my outlook on how to deal with this album, and dealing with the burn out made me realize I needed to take a step back from this beast, re-evaluate the tracks I wanted to arrange, and not be afraid to scrap anything I’ve done on this project so far.  Doing that, and taking a  breather to work on the new Let’s Play series I’m posting on my channel (side note: it’s going well) gave my brain the creative space and time to destress and re-establish my goals for this album.


I also realized, the sort of ambient music I was trying to do with these themes was a bit more structured then it had to be.  So I’ve been taking my break time from working to listen to ambient music, watch tutorials on how to make ambient music, and just educate myself in general about the genre of music I’ve been wanting to create for this EP.  I know it sounds silly, but I always thought the style I did when I added no lyrics was ambient, but boy was I wrong!  There’s so much more to making ambient music then I ever imagined, and I’ve been enjoying learning.  I can’t wait to take what I learned and apply it to the new tracks I want to record for the EP.


I picked new tracks to do also, all tracks that could fit the ambient style.  I’ve written out detailed outlines on how to do each track I picked, and I feel a lot more secure in going to record those, then vocals, and having them for the EP.  Another thing that sounds like a no brainer, but when you get excited to do something, you want to jump into it.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, stopping a project you’re hitting your head against the wall with is always a good thing.  It’s something I think creatives think to do until it’s time to do it, but it’s important to know your creative limits, and when you need to take a step back and work on something else for a while.  I actually got a comment on a video for a request to cover another Inuyasha song, so I may do that for a while musically and then be working on my Let’s play videos as a de-stresser, because I surprisingly enjoy recording those a lot more than I expected.  But more of that in another post.


Setting an arbitrary deadline to get these done didn’t really work for me.  I told myself I wanted to have an album out for the release of the new Final Fantasy game this month, but honestly that’s just too much pressure, and I want to release this thing right.  Final Fantasy is timeless, so coming out with an album of music whenever should be fine, and getting all the tracks done, then marketing the EP to the best of my ability sounds way more appealing than it has to be out asap!  But once again, something I wouldn’t have thought of without taking a break from the project.


Don’t be afraid to replan something if it isnt’ working.  Don’t think you’re a failure because one way of doing something didn’t work out.  If you find yourself having too many problems doing something one way, find another way to do it!  And if you just are so fed up with a project, but know you want to finish it, take a breather for a few days, destress and re-evaluate how to tackle said project, it’ll do yu wonders!

Working on Doing New Videos on my Channel, Excitement Abound!

The end of last year I started taking a lot more risks.  Like, out of my comfort zone risks, but things I really wanted to be doing.  Releasing a Christmas EP on spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google is something I would have never done earlier that year: why, I have some album art I had made like, 2 years ago for a release I wanted to do of an original track but chickened out because I thought that track wasn’t good enough.  Now, I’m thinking of redoing said track, and using said art to make an EP of my originals that I did back when I didn’t have the technology I have now to use real instruments.  Once again, something I would have never thought of doing, that I’m thinking of doing now.
My Mom went to the store yesterday and got me a shirt that says “Take a Risk” on it.  When she gave it to me, she said “I know Christmas is over, but I thought of you when I saw this”.  I thought it was super sweet, and gave me a confidence boost that I didn’t realize I needed.  I wasn’t aware my risk taking was so noticeable to others!  And I didn’t think such a small gesture would mean so much to me – the shirt is nice, too 🙂


Along those lines of risk taking, I’m planning to do something new on my channel. I know most people say if you’re going to vlog or let’s play or whatever, make it a different channel than your main one, but I figure…why do that?  I think it’s kind of silly to split views when you can just have everything on a central hub channel, and not have to worry about the maintenance  of multiple channels.  I’ve wanted to do different content for ages and just never mustered up the courage to do so, but now I’m definitely getting excited after messing around with video settings last night and can’t wait to get started.


Because I always second guess, or talk myself out of things, I find the best way for me to do anything is just…do it.  It may sound haphazard, but it’s what works for me.  So I just made the decision  a few days ago to do this particular content, figure out everything involved in making it, do it once and see how this goes.


I’ve had OBS installed on my computer for months (Open Broadcasting Software) because I wanted to live stream.  Once again, something I planned to do but talked myself out of, may be something I try later.  I got pretty confused by the interface when I first got it, but last night I just decided to sit down, and mess with the program until I figured out how to use it.  Lucky for me, everything I need to do to set it up is accessible!  So thanks to some tutorials on about setting it up with my screen reader, and another article I found explaining how all the sources work in detail, I’m ready to go with this little video project!  I have to show my test footage to some sighted peers, but I’m pretty sure I got it to record how I wanted it to.  And I’m soooo excited to start making this content!!  I didn’t think I would be but I did a little test run of talking while recording footage yesterday, and it was tons of fun.  It’s going to be a Let’s Play of a visual novel I found a while ago and just bought, and I’m going to blind run it, so pumped to get going!  I thought it would be hard to talk in the beginning, but the 3 minutes I recorded was pretty easy to do so we’ll see if doing the rest of the game goes.


I’m so happy to be taking this risk.  The way I see it:  People will either watch it, or not watch it, but I doubt it’ll negatively effect my channel in any way.  One of my resolutions was to do more personable content on my channel, with me talking and interacting with things and people, sharing stories, maybe do some live singing videos – all ideas I’ve had in the past, but have been to afraid to do.  But as my new t-shirt says, time to take a risk!  I’m excited to do this first set of videos, and I realized last night that now that I figured out OBS, I can do some other tutorials I’ve wanted to do – like showing how I mix in Reaper or audacity as a blind user of the software, now that I can easily record windows in OBS!  Honestly I’m really amazed at how easy it is to use the software, I can’t wait to use it for other projects in the future!


I hope you all are getting in gear to take risks this year.  I know it may be scary, but in the long run you won’t regret it, and will always learn something from it!  Fingers crossed I’ll have at least one video in this Let’s Play recorded by next week!

My 2017 Year End Review and 2018 Resolutions

2017 Resolution wise was great for me.  I didn’t do a lot of my non-musical goals, but the ones that were more important to me I did and followed through, and really grew from the experiences.  A brief outline of my 2017 goals are this:


Read 30 books in a year/watch 30 anime in a year:  I didn’t do either of these, but I did read more books than I ever have in a year!  In all honesty, I just wasn’t really into doing either halfway through the year for personal reasons  I got way more into arranging music the 2nd half of the year, and it was getting harder and harder to find books, and anime that I wanted to read.  I did read a lot of fanfiction this year, because I realized that publsished books just aren’t suuuper my thing – I found one series I really enjoyed, and that was it.  Probably read about 10 books this past year, so better than the 0 I had done previously!

Baking 1 baked good every month:  I did this the entire year!  I learned so much from doing so, too.  I actually did more because I baked a lot in December.  This year, I want to learn more advanced baking techniques.  I never would have wanted to do that this year if I didn’t stick to baking something every month, and growing from the mishaps, and successes of doing so.  I found out I really enjoyed baking, and can’t wait to get more advanced skills under my belt!

Releasing music, arranging my own tracks:  I’m just going to group this in here as a whole, because I had a lot of tiny music related goals I wanted to do.  But I did wind up growing in my craft, getting tracks released on online distribution stores to sell, and am now working on getting more albums out for this year.  Wouldn’t have done that without actually taking my first musical steps, and having the support of my friends an family, so I can’t thank them enough for that.
My 2018 Goals are really just continuations of my goals from 2017:


  • I want to continue baking, with more advanced skills in my recipes. Like I did some super new stuff for me baking wise this year:  I made pastry cream, cream puffs and my own pie crusts and tart crusts.  This year, I want to finally tackle making my own buttercreams, and finally get over my fear of frosting cakes lol.  But making buttercreams, meringue, and using eggs in general are all things I want to work on and get good at – one thing I know I’m going to try soon is making French macaroon  cookies, and that uses all of those skills I want to practice soon.
  • I want to make music, but I want to have 2 Eps out before June. I already have 1 EP done, but have to wait on releasing it because one track is going to be on another album that I can’t release until that album is out.  But overall I want to grow my music catalog, and not be afraid to step out of my comfort zone and just go for releasing music.
  • It’s been working so well for me the past few months, but I want to continue not being afraid to ask for help. I’ve gotten so many good critiques on my music form my family, and so much help with videos because of it so I don’t want to get shy about asking for help when needed.
  • I want to make more content on my YouTube Channel! I’d really like to vlog, and possibly do a let’s play or two with some audio games and Visual novels.  But overall I just want to make content that’s more interacting with me as a person, along with my music composition posts.
  • I really want to get back on track with blogging on both of my blogs. Fell off the wagon somewhere around August, so want to retool my schedule.
  • Finishing my Bible! I’m in the Old Testament right now and I’m going to continue my reading pace and see how long it takes to finish it in order – I read all of the New Testament  last year but haven’t read it in order, so it’ll be interesting to read it after I’m done with the old.
  • I want to get back into my Renpy coding. I started to dabble in it last year but then fell off of the wagon with that too.  But I thought I could learn the code by doing a text adventure game instead of trying to do a full scale VN with graphics, so hopefully I’ll have something to show for that this year!

And those are all of my resolutions for this year!  What are yours?  I hope you had a great new year, and that your 2018 is fantastic!