Some Abstract Poetry

Prompt: The world I had known for so long had changed.


What is this.
Does it even matter anymore? There is nothing left for me here.
Was there ever anything here for me in the first place, ? It’s all so different: so old and yet, so new.
Trying so hard to hold on, but suddenly I don’t quite care anymore.
It’s so much easier to let go.
The sun dims without losing it’s rays.
All of your faces shift from colored to gray. All of your voices echo then fade.
My heart stops…then skips a beat.
Your face contorts as you call my name…
I see it, but hear nothing. It’s so hard to focus on your voice, so painful to try and see…anything anymore.
And then it all fades to black.


Writing Short: Sensory Perception

Prompt: A super hero who has the power to shut down sensory perception uses their powers for an obligatory purpose.


In the city, there were two types of people: good ones, and bad ones. The good ones were hard to find, made it easier to keep them safe. The bad ones? Like vampires, they came out at night. Prowling the streets for unsuspecting victim’s, they set to the task of making others miserable, or making themselves feel better. It was hard to tell sometimes. Lines blurred together so easily at night. It was especially hard to tell, at Brier Rose, the night club on the strip that was always the most packed on Friday nights. Good reason for it, though – the interior was filled to the brim with glittering strobe lights, interchanging colors as they spun to illuminate the dancers on the dance floor. The walls, murals of fiction-esk creatures, fairies and mermaids flittering about the deep greens and browns of the forest scape and white seafoam of the seas. The paintings made the club seem more art museum than popular rave spot, but the owner enjoyed the scenery and the crowd that the décor drew – fantasy enthusiast’s, comic book nerds and…others who dabbled in less wholesome activities. It was the perfect spot for dark dealing in the city, and that’s why the two of them were here.

“You got it?” a voice said. It was a bit hard to hear over the blaring piccolo’s from the sound system.
“You want it?” another voice replied.

A vile slid across the table. A hand, masked in shadow, grabbed it. Unscrewing the lid, the contents was smelt before a nod of approval was issued. The buyer slid some coins and bills across the table.

“Want it. There you go. Should cover the cost.”

The buyer stood and walked out the club.

Then their world turned upside down.

Left was right, up was down, and it took all of their will power to stay upright for the few seconds they did. They splayed across the pavement, the purchased vile soon forgotten as they heaved, seizing on the cool ground. Their eyes began to flicker between sight and blindness, the uncertainty of either state unnerving them more. It was then that they heard footsteps approach – out of one ear, when two were working not moments before.

“Mine,” a silky voice cooed, retrieving the discarded vile. “You have no need for something like that.”

The buyer attempted to speak. Their voice, or rather, their tongue, caught in their throat.

“I’d suggest you don’t do that,” the assailant said again. “I’ve disabled your well, all of your sensory and motor skills for an hour. You won’t be able to do much but what you’re doing now sweetheart.”
“Wh-why…?” the buyer managed to choke out.

A delicate finger tipped the buyers chin upward so their eyes met. Although the victim couldn’t see at the moment, a chill trickled down their spine at the gaze baring into their being from their attacker. A feather light kiss was left on their lips before their face was unceremoniously smashed against the pavement.

“Because,” heels clicked on the pavement. “I can.”

The buyer heard the click-clack of the heels fade into the night.

My Posting Old Writing Challenge!

I’ve been writing a lot lately (if all of my writing centric posts didn’t make that obvious) and along with writing more, comes my inevitable phase of “Time to go look at some old writing!” and either cringing at it or going, oh that wasn’t that bad. I am happy to report, that the second scenario played out far more than the first…even though there are a few novels I wrote when I was like, 18 that play out like bad fanfics that I legit was chuckling at every chapter I read. So cringe worthy!

But, as part of my movement to try and be happier with my creative abilities that aren’t singing, I’ve decided to post some of my small pieces that I’ve written in the past. I’ll stay away from posting fan fiction because I’d like this blog to be more about my original stuff either lyrical or otherwise. So here’s the format I am going to go with for this little undertaking:

– There are a lot of things that I was given a prompt to write about, so if I remember the prompt I’ll write it out above the actual piece.
– If I don’t remember said prompt, I’ll just post the piece as is.
– I’m going to not modify any part of the writing, other than typo and proper grammar fixes.
– And that’s all the rules I am going to put for myself! I don’t think there are a lot of things to post, but wanted to outline these guidelines anyways.

So I’ll see you all on Tuesday with some writing from my vault! This is both exciting and nerve-wracking XD

Stretching Your Creative Muscle

A few weeks ago, I heard something really interesting. I’m unfortunately not sure what it was from, because it was something my Mom was watching while I was in the room, but it was a keynote speaker talking about the different ways to be successful in business. One of the things he said that stuck with me was this (and I am paraphrasing):

Stretch your creative muscle every day. Come up with ideas constantly. Try to come up with ten ideas a day so you continue to stretch your creative muscle, and come up with more ideas you can solve.

I haven’t actively been pushing myself to come up with ten ideas a day, but hearing this struck a chord with me for another reason. I’ve been writing a lot recently, both stories and lyrics (which well, my lyrics are stories more or less so same dif) and I notice I am coming up with more ideas as I work on these ideas. My usual idea creation spot is…laying in my bed XD so I tend to keep my computer on my bed with me, and when an idea strike’s I write it down on a word document. I did this the other day, with a story outline for another radioplay series I’d like to flesh out more character-wise, but have the plot down. It doesn’t just end at me coming up with new ideas: I’ve been pushing my brain to not get writers block while writing this mini-series, so I’ve actively been doing a lot of exercises to preemptively avoid my worst enemy. One of my favorite things to do is to ask questions about the story, then answer them. Doing so makes my creative muscle think outside the box, answer these questions, and add to the story. So far, this question exercise has not only brought me out of a hurdle I was stumped on already, but it brought a completely new character into the fold that I can’t wait to work with more.

It seems like it’s more difficult than the age old advice for anyone who says “I want to start writing a story, where do I start?”. It really is as simple as “Just start writing.” You’d be amazed where your mind takes you if you just let it. I know I have been pleasantly surprised recently! Writing is something that is very dear to me – when I was younger, my entire childhood, I said I was going to be a writer when I grew up. So I am so happy that I have found mediums that allow me to write in the formats I feel comfortable writing in. One day, maybe I’ll tackle writing a novel, but as of now I’m sticking with lyrics and radio plays 😀

Being Scatter Brained isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

This is usually how a day goes for me:

I’m on my computer, and I have to write a blog post, mix, write a script, look at songs, mix a scene I will be so productive today!
-4 Hours later-
I got sooo much done today woooo now I’m – craaap I forgot to write the blog post ayaaaah D:

That is what happened to me yesterday so I apologize for the day late post. But literally I log onto my computer, say I’m going to start with say, writing the blog post, because I’m going to forget once I get the ball rolling with other things. I know that will be the case, because for me in particular, because I just…am a scatterbrain. I’m not ashamed to admit it: I have a great, long term memory, but a terrible short term one. Is this a bad thing? I say, no. I mean, if you know how to manage and use your scatter brained-ness to your advantage, it’s a powerful tool: For me, it equals remembering to do something, getting laser focused on it and completely forgetting what else I wanted to do that day. It comes and goes during the day, and is why I tend to either get either nothing or everything accomplished that I want to do.

This goes a long with something I’ve mentioned before: Be very aware of what you can and can’t do, your flaws and positive traits. Doing so lets you be able to utilize both the good, and the bad things you tend to do for good results. Sure, I’m scatterbrained, but because I’m scatterbrained I outlined the plot for another radio play, wrote some lyrics to another original song, plotted out some more outlines for other songs, mixed a radio play scene, recorded a song, and recorded parts for a collaboration I’m participating in. Why did all of this happen yesterday? Because I kept on keeping on – when I finished one task, my brain instantly lit up with the next thing I had to do and I went to do it (call it a combination of being scatter brained and a bit obsessive lol). I wouldn’t be able to do this if I wasn’t well, me, so I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way 😀

So yeah, in a nutshell, this is why this post is going up today instead of yesterday. And hey, I’m writing it first thing instead of saying I will and then going off to do something else and forgetting, so I guess that’s progress, woo! Next week my post will go up on Thursday, as planned, but what can I say? I’m glad I got so much done yesterday and am still getting this done even if it’s a day late – the day I just skip a posting day will be a day I do not want to happen!

YouTube Update and Other News

Hi guys! So, today I was…really busy ^^; I got some lines in for episode 2 of Terris Magic, got excited and mixed the scene I could of that. Then, while logging on to search for sound effects, saw I got another set of lines in my inbox yay! So not only will I get to have one other scene done and waiting to be mixed down to a snazy radioplay, but I get to mix another scene tomorrow! I also have been working on writing that new play I’ve been talking about outlining and drafting lately, and finished writing the first draft of an episode of that last night. Got one scene into Episode 2 of that project as well. Finally, I’ve been working on the theme song to Mana Aeliria – got the first section of that over to the game devs, and just waiting on them to tell me what to fix of that section before I move on…but ngl, I may just start recording the rest of the song because it’s fun XD

I’ve also still been uploading to YouTube. I’m going to link below the song I posted today – Pain from the Xenosaga game series! I love this song, and was requested to sing it, so was happy I finally got to fulfill the request (got it like months ago oy).

Aaand that has been me lately. What creative things have you been working on?