Sailor Moon R Makai Tree arc Viz dub review

April 10th was Viz’s Moonlight Party 3, for a few episodes of Sailor Moon R. I had the pleasure of going – my first one, in fact – and had a blast! I highly recommend doing the next one, it’s fun to be around so many Sailor Moon fans, and hanging out with the Viz crew was a blast. They really interact with the fans via Twitter and Facebook, and it’s just amazing to feel the love for the series all across the world.

After the Moonlight Party, Hulu released the redubs of the first 14 episodes of Sailor Moon R. Aka: The filler arc with Ail and En. I have never liked this arc, like, at all. Dic’s dub was so bad, made the villains soooo annoying. The Senshi getting their power up episodes seemed so forced and blech and had no character development what-so-ever, and I always remember as a kid hating when the Makai Tree arc, or what I remember as “The Doom Tree arc” would air on Cartoon Network. Worst two weeks, ever!

But we’re not here to talk about the Dic dub, this is a review about the redub done by Viz. Honestly, I can’t express how much I adore this dub! Ail and En were really funny characters, with a lot of depth and heart to them not visible in the Dic dub. I have to applaud the voice actors for both of them – They did a wonderful job of being really vicious, and yet really innocent when they weren’t in their alien personas. The episodes where the Senshi got their power ups were really good and developing the characters of the Senshi, instead of just being like “Oh…we need to give them a power up? Ok” I felt the growth from each character.

And, I really, really have to praise how Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship was handled in this. I legit was tearing up in the end when they were reaching for each other – another star moment for me with the voice acting. One thing I really love about this localization is it doesn’t pull any punches: Like, it feels like a straight up Japanese to English translation. Seeing the subs, and hearing the English voice track, it sticks so true to the original and I couldn’t be happier for that. Thank you, Viz for doing a great job with a show so many of us love.

I didn’t like this arc in the Dic dub, but now? I really love it! It’s still not on the tops of my favorite seasons, but it’s redeemed itself with this redub. I highly recommend it!

Chibi-Usa why you so plot hole-y?

On Tuesday, this new dub clip of Sailor Moon R was released by Viz. The oh-so-iconic first scene of Sailor Moon R, where Chibi-Usa threatens Usagi after falling from the sky into Mamoru’s arms. When Sandy Fox was announced to be playing Chibi-Usa, I knew it would be a perfect fit so this clip just cements that. I mean, typical cute Sandy Fox voice, but she’s always been awesome with it and this clip is no exception.

I’m not going to analyze the voice acting in this clip, however. Seeing this clip and hearing the newly translated lines just made me realize how much of a plot hole Chibi-Usa is for the entirety of this first half of the season. Like, seriously? This clip alone is one giant plot hole! How can she not realize Usagi and Mamoru are her parents? Let’s break this down using this clip, alone:

If visually it didn’t click in Usagi, or Chibi-Usa’s head, shouldn’t Usagi be tipped off by some of this dialogue? “I’m the only one with bunhead hairstyle” Geez Usagi, where do you think she learned this bunhead hair style from? Maybe, her Mother? I’ll give it to her in this early stage of their relationship: She was shocked at this girl just popping out of thin air literally, and may have just been like da hell this girl is antagonizing me get her outta here! But when she starts asking for the Silver Crystal?

Point 2! Chibi-Usa knows her Mother in the future is the only one with the Silver Crystal. She knows this because she took the darn thing from her secret chambers! So why does she not connect the dots when with Usagi she instantly demands the Silver Crystal? Even if she didn’t know her Mother was Sailor Moon in her youth, didn’t know the brooch was something that she previously would have owned, shouldn’t she be at least a teeny bit smart enough to realize that if she’s demanding the Silver Crystal from this girl, she may be her Mother?

I’ve always had this theory that the reason why Pluto threw Chibi-Usa into Mamoru and Usagi’s laps is because she knew that it would be easy for her to get the Crystal, and come back quickly. I don’t think Pluto would tell Chibi-Usa this, but considering her age (if we’re going by the manga, which is the only definitive age we get for her, she’s 400) she should have the deduction skills to put this parentage puzzle together. She landed in Tokyo, she’s from Neo-Tokyo. Her Mother has buns that she admired enough to copy, and the only real difference between Usagi and Neo-Queen Serenity is a minor height difference, and more mature features. Don’t get me started on when She sees Tuxedo Kamen! Endymion wears the exact darn outfit in the future! Does not wearing a top hat and changing your suit color an identity mystery make?


I love this show, don’t get me wrong. But there are just some plot holes in it that drive me insane. The Senshi’s identities being a mystery you can explain away with glamor magic, but this? It may be because I just dislike Chibi-Usa until Super S, but I really, really don’t get why her, and Usagi, are both so stupid when it comes to proper deduction skills. Chibi-Usa should have realized who her parents were by the end of this scene alone, and Usagi should have been able to connect the dots pretty early on.

Plot holeeee. Love ya Sailor Moon, but I can only take so many plot holes! The fanfiction community can only explain away so much!

Though…hrmmm. Chibi-Usa could have glamor magic, too? But those buns still are visible to Usagi and Mamoru obviously, so if you’re going to go into the future to demand a Legendary Crystal, why not change your hair style? But then if she didn’t think her Mother would be there, knowing she’s the only other one with that hair style, she’d keep her hair that way…but then if she saw Usagi with the same hair, wouldn’t she assume she’s her Mother in the past, since she knows she just time travelled? But then…ugh, see! When you have a plot hole this big, you just go round and round in circles trying to make sense of it! It’s so frustrating!

I…I need to step away from this topic, methinks. It’s…it’s just…to much…

Obsessively Obsessed: Steven Universe

It’s inevitable when you’re a nerd, isn’t it? You either get recommended some show, or game, or TCG or book and you just can’t get enough of it. Or, you watched something as a kid, never stopped loving it, or started watching it again when you were an adult. I know when I’m stressed, I go back to watching Sailor Moon – in fact, about time I whipped out my Viz DVDs for some quality time with my girls. That’s the thing, too, if you love a show or game that much, it becomes a part of you, and you are glad for it. When you truly love something, like, to the point where you can’t get enough of it, eat, drink, and sleep that thing, research plot points and characters after finishing the show only to see new facets of the characters, re-watch, and go “Aha! That’s when that turning point happened” that, my loves, is when you are what I like to call obsessively obsessed.

Do you regret being this into your shows?


I seriously hope I’m not the only one who does this, but when I start watching a show I love, I get super, super into it if I like it. Like, it’s peeling an onion, and no matter how many times you go back to the show, any media concerning the show, or re-watch the show, it’s forever enjoyable. This is what Sailor moon is to me, and as of right now, another show has entered the ranks of obsessively obsessed.

That show is…

Steven Universe AHHHHH!

I’ll admit, didn’t like this show at all when I first watched it awhile back : I thought it was weird, and didn’t quite get the characters and plot because it seemed to just throw you into the middle of a story. I’m usually not a fan of reverse-narration. I like seeing the story from beginning to end, some flashbacks thrown in there, you know the drill. But after reading on my Facebook feed that Steven Universe is awesome and takes a really dark turn later on, followed by some friends saying they watched the first season fully and loved it, I decided to give it another try. So after a week of marathonning the show with said friends AHHHHHH!

I haven’t watched such a heartfelt, intricately-woven storyline that can both leave you laughing out loud and balling your eyes out in the same episode. I’ve never seen such a fun-loveing character have so much weight and depth to them, and be so perfectly written. I’ve never loved each, and every character, supporting, minor, or incidental, no matter what role they play. Sure, you dislike some characters, but not because they are poorly written or a cliché. More because, if you met that character in real life, you wouldn’t be friends with them, but you still understand where their coming from. Even if you don’t like a character from the get go, they grow on you, or they grow developmentally so that you like who they’ve become. And honestly? I’m shocked that this sort of care and depth has been brought to a cartoon that not only isn’t anime, but that is on Cartoon Network!

When I was A kid, we had these types of shows on Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon. I’m a 90s Nick gal, and grew up with the good Doug and Rugrats and what I like to call the golden era of cartoons. Around the mid 2000s, I stopped watching both Nick and CN, because the cartoons just weren’t what they used to be. But now? Steven Universe has me hooked. I freaking adore this show, could write entire novels about its glory, will be dissecting the characters (Crystal Gems are so amazing!) and will continue to be an avid watcher of this show I love so much.

Oh, and I forgot: The music is amazing! How did I forget that? I should slap myself!

I could say so, so much more about the glory that is this show, but alas, I must get my thought’s in order to do so. Right now I’m still in the mind-boggled ayaaaa this show is amazing asdfdsa phase of being obsessively obsessed XD

I will be doing a series of posts on this show, definitely. Like I said above, I want to do a character study on each of the main characters – aka, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, and Steven!. I’m a writer, so character development, and really analyzing motives of a well-written character, is something I love to do in my free time. If you like reading fan theories and adding them to your fandom base, then stick around!

Posting Schedule

In part because I don’t want to have any of you guys reading being like “Whaaa where are posts!” and in part because if this schedule is out there, instead of just in my head, I will be less likely to not stay dedicated to updating this snizzy. So in short, scheduling ftw!

For now, I plan to post twice a week: Tuesday and Thursday. Because I like days with T’s in them apparently! But no, seriously, I have a lot of other projects I work on during the week (which I will definitely be sharing here, as well!) and Tuesday and Thursday are my free days currently.

So yeah, watch out for posts twice a week! Thanks for reading!

The Curse of Perfectionism

Because let’s face it: It really is a curse. I don’t know how it is for you others who want to outdo yourselves, but for me I have a certain, tried and true scenario that goes through my head every time I want to try something new. It goes like this:

“Oh, hey Valk! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you actually stopped researching all of this info on jewelry making, and just like, ya know, made some jewelry?”
“Wh-what? Haha! I need to know everything about every tool in existence before I do that! Then there’s wire, and beads, and-“
“You do realize you’re not going to do all of that at once, don’t you?”
“But I will one day! And besides, when I start something, I have to be the best at it!”
“Don’t you think you’ll make mistakes?”
“Mistakes are for suckas! And if I just make a mistake, I’ll redo it over and over and over again until my fingers bleed, and the piece looks amazing!”

So Perfectionist Valk ignores common sense, Mistakes-are-ok-to-make Valk, buys all of the supplies, or tech, or whatever and…

“What is it?”
“This sucks! Don’t you see?”
“No, not really. It looks fine.”
“The loops are all too big and the necklace tilts slightly to the left! I have to take it apart and do it all over again!”
“Uuuum, I’m just gonna stand over here.”

And so the cycle continues, over, and over, and over…

Until I give up. I’ve spent all this time and effort on something that I actually enjoyed doing, and then when I find one tiny thing that isn’t right with it, shove it to the far far away places in my room that only the occasional dust bunny occupies.

Can I just say, how freaking terrible this curse is? I hate it! One of my goals in 2015 is to slap Perfectionist Valk in the face and tell her “Stop thinking so hard about this and just do it!” it’s such a stifling grip on my life that it reaches to the tiniest thing. Heck, even starting this blog I had that battle in my head! Every time I do a cover? I do so many takes, think they all suck, then go back to find that hey, all of them aren’t that bad…and most of them sound pretty much, exactly the same. So why are there ten of them?

Because Perfectionist Valk is an idiot!

“Ow, harsh.”

Ok, I won’t go that far but…ugh how to put it into words? Honestly, I’ve had this epiphany about myself: Perfectionism is really just boiled down to this one thing, fear. You want everything to be so perfect, so pristine and polished, that you pick something apart until you think it’s as horrific as…something really freaky I can’t think of right now. When you’re a perfectionist, you’re afraid to let anyone see your flaws, your cracks, any part of you that you think is broken. You don’t want people to see your mistakes (because let’s face it, you’re making them) so you hide everything away you think could moderately paint you in a bad light, no matter how small.

It’s fear, plain and simple. And it’s terrible. How do you fight this curse, though? Unfortunately this isn’t Hogwarts, and the wands I have access to don’t cast any anti-perfectionism charms…I don’t think.

But,what I am doing to combat this fungus I despise is…

Fighting through the fear. AHHHH!

I’m not gonna lie – this is a work in progress for me, and it frightens me out of my mind just even thinking of posting anything I don’t deem “Perfect”. I’ve used perfectionism as a shield my entire life, and it’s held me back in ways I can’t even describe both with my career and personal life. 2015 is a year I really want to make changes in, so for now I’m just throwing myself into things I’ve been wanting to do for ages (like blogging, oh hey!) and trying to not harp on the things that I do so much.

How has it been working for me so far? I mixed a song the other day and only attempted to redo it twice, instead of trying to remix it like seven times! And I picked up my jewelry supplies a few days ago and messed with some new techniques. I’m practicing them right now so I can implement them in designs! I’ve narrowed down the jewelry techniques I want to use to design stuff, instead of just trying to do every technique under the sun. I looked at some pieces I did a year or so ago and am actually thinking of posting pictures of them somewhere to places that aren’t a facebook album I can shove somewhere hidden on my profile! And well, the biggest step I think, is this blog. I’ve wanted to have one for a really long time where I can just talk about my life and hobbies,, and here we are! So I’d say for now, just pushing through my fears is working. And it does get easier as you continue doing it!

What about you? Do you suffer from this rawrgsome curse? How do you cope with it if you do?

Hello! An introduction to ValkyrieCeles

Hello, and thank you for stopping by! Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Crystal, and I’m a blind Celtic music singer a little too obsessed with Sailor Moon and video games (it took a lot of will power to not intro myself in the typical magical girl style XD) I love to write, craft, sing (obviously cuz it’s what I do for a living) and just generally derp around on the internets. I adore fanfiction – both reading and writing, and am very passionate about my various fandoms. I adore Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy Vi especially, hence the ‘Celes’ in my user name. I love expressing my creative whims on the web, so that’s what this space is for!

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