Mana Aeliria Skype Direction session Final Thoughts

Awhile back I mentioned I auditioned for a project in which I would be singing the theme song to a video game. Well, a few weeks later, I met with the game developers in a skype call so we could pretty much touch base with each other and talk about how they wanted the dynamics of the song and stuff to go. I’ll be honest, I was super, super nervous about doing this: I had never done anything like this before, and just the thought of being in a skype call with someone and having them hear me sing live was really intimidating (I don’t know why, because I sing live all the time anyways).

I was afraid for nothing! The experience was really chill and fun, and after the first few minutes where my nerves got a hold of me and hindered my singing a bit, I eased into it. After that initial point, and just being in the call and having some time to just uh, I guess talk to the developers for a while, all that fear and trepidation was gone. We hashed out all the stuff that needed to be hashed out, and now I can go on and record the song and I’m not afraid to bounce things off of these guys anymore because hey, the experience was fun and not at all scary once it got going! The skype directing thing was a huge reason why I didn’t want to audition for higher end projects: it was an unnecessary fear that really just stalled me in my tracks. I’m so glad I went for this though – and am glad that well, they didn’t post in the audition thread that they wanted to do a skype call, because then I might have not gone for it haha. But yeah, now that this step is done, onto recording the first version of the theme song! EEEE so excited to do this!


Original Song Preview – Moonsong video!

After all of my posts about writing my originals, a preview of one of them! This is the second song I wrote for, and it’s going to be part of an ocean/tidal themed EP coming out in September. I’d love to hear what you think about it in comments, and what you think the song is about! I had someone tell me what they thought the song was about and I found it to be really fascinating, so yeah feel free to share your thoughts on it!

I had a lot of fun shooting the footage for this video out on the beach, and my awesome video editor put this all together so we could have a preview of the EP up before it’s full release, so I hope you enjoy!

But without further ado…one of my originals, Moonsong!

Terris Magic Musings and Episode 1 Release

Story time! So, in 2013, I had a story concept. At first, I wanted to make it a modern, slice of life story but just couldn’t wrap my head around writing in the real world because I am more of a fantasy/paranormal/scifi gal. Well, after talking to my brother about wanting to make this concept and saying “It’s so hard to write in the real world for me though blarg” he said “Well, why not write the same premise, only in a fantasy setting?”

Ding ding ding!

So, we sat down and planned out the story. Plot, characters, the whole shebang. And thus, Terris Magic was born!

Then, the writing phase. I like to write all of my scripts like, every single one before producing and casting and all that jazz just because I don’t like having the possibility of getting writers block and leaving my cast hanging for months with no scripts. I prefer a send out a script a month method, get lines and mix sort of deal. In other words, I’d rather deal with my writers block in private, without the pressure of getting scripts out quickly! And writers block, I did indeed deal with. I started writing the scripts in 2013, and finished somewhere in…2014, or the beginning of 2015. But I was determined to not have this project die – I had let another radio play project die years ago, and I would not let that happen again!

SO long story short, I had to muster up the courage to cast this thing. Did so this July, got the lines from a very awesome, very reliable cast, and ta-dah! Terris Magic, Episode 1 was released this week! I couldn’t be more excited: It was such a challenge getting back in the swing of mixing radio play scenes since I’m used to mixing songs, and dealt with a lot of crashes, remixes of scenes, and general headaches. But in the end, it was totally worth it! Without further ado: Terris Magic, Episode 1, on it’s current home of soundcloud! Please let me know what you think via the comments!

Frustrations Lead to Life Lessons

This weekend has been a very audio mixing filled one. I mixed the first episode of my radioplay – which was a challenge in itself, but I got it done and it’s now up for listening so hurray! Then, I moved onto remixing the final original I was working on that I was talking about last week and…that one wasn’t so easy to fix XD

I think, this was the most challenging thing I had done. I had to bounce it off some friends a few times because my ears just weren’t hearing it the way theirs were – which happens a lot. But I really wanted this specific feel to it and it just wasn’t coming across the way I wanted it to. Honestly, I got uber frustrated, and had to step away from the mix for a few days. In enters both feeling mopy all weekend, and mixing my radioplay instead. After mixing some of the scenes for that (which were a challenge all their own, but that will be for another post) I felt a bit less discouraged over mixing in general and went back to the song. I’m glad I took that break, because what a difference taking two days off from hearing that thing did! My ears felt like they were hearing it for the first time, and I was able to fix what was wrong with it with fresh perspective. So, as of yesterday, the final song of my little original song project is done, Wooooo!!!

This project taught me a lot of important lessons. I usually just power through doing well, anything, and having to step back, be patient, and re-tackle a problem is not part of my nature at all and to say that it was frustrating, is an understatement. I really had to like, take deep breaths, step back and just force myself to not think about that song – which was far easier said than done lol. Tis why I had to keep my hands busy with mixing my radioplay, methinks.

I’ve learned so much from doing this project about myself, and about mixing. I decided to do this EP on a semi-whim – an idea just struck me, and I had the urge to do it with whatever means I had available to me, which is also something I’ve never done before (I’m usually like I need to get this so I can do this!). But with this project, I’ve learned that it’s ok to work with what you have, to make mistakes, and to fix said mistakes to get a nice end result for a song. And hey, it was tons of fun – no matter how frustrating some bits of it were!

What’s my next step? Why, tweeking some vocals on a few originals, of course! After that I will work on getting them released, EEEE I couldn’t be more excited! I shall keep you all posted on my progress as always 😉

Song Progress

Remember that song I was talking about in Tuesday’s post? The one that was hard to find a melody for? Well, last night, I just decided to sit down and hash this thing out. Me vs. lyrics, here we go! Though honestly, if I didn’t already have a general idea for this song I would have left it be like I said I would on Tuesday. But I am half stubborn, half “What else am I going to use this melody for?” with what I’m working on now, and I am fairly happy with my end result.

Will I be when I go to mix it? We’ll see! I wound up only using a fraction of the lyrics I had written and I really liked how it turned out last night pre-mix. That usually doesn’t happen for me: I always think a song is meh until I go to mix it, so fingers crossed that this is a good sign! I…am a little nervous it won’t fit with the other songs on the EP, but as I said we’ll see after the mix. I mean, we are all our worst critics, right? So maybe after I show it to someone else I won’t be so critical of it (that happens a lot XD).

I was excited to just…get something recorded. Even if this doesn’t pan out with these lyrics, I have a backing track I can add to and build on for something else. So all in all, last night was a very productive recording night! Now off to mix!

Working on Original Songs – Growing Pains

I’ve been working on original songs for an EP lately, and it’s been tons of fun! I’ve never felt happier just writing, working out melodies, and mixing my own creations. Honestly, I’ve learned so much just from mixing these three songs than I ever have mixing a cover – just having to wing it so to speak, and try and get the sound you wanted for each track, each vocal line is really challenging and invigorating in a way I didn’t think was possible! I have three out of four songs completed, and am aiming to release this before August is out woooo.

This journey hasn’t been flawless, in fact, it’s been a decently bumpy road. But luckily, I have awesome friends and family to help me with mixing advice. But, have you ever just hit a bump that has been difficult to hop over? This last song I have been working on has been that for me.

I wrote out the lyrics for all of my songs first. For me, that and coming up with the basic melody was the easy part for all…but this final song XD I have been fighting with placing these lyrics in a certain melody. I know the feeling I want to invoke with this particular song, but every melody or arrangement I can think of just doesn’t cut it. I really want this chaotic, raw feeling to this one, and no matter how much I look up different styles and try to rearrange, it just isn’t working.

Last night I realized: It’s not a big deal if I don’t use these specific lyrics! I was hashing out another melody last night while I was trying to sleep (as my brain likes to do oh-too-often) and I was just thinking “I…just may have to use these lyrics for something else and write new ones”. It’s a bit of a sad realization because I really like the lyrics and wanted to use them now, but honestly I just don’t think they will work for any melodies I can think of currently, and just trying to force this song working is both stifling my creativity and beating my head against the wall. Is there anything wrong with scrapping a song and moving onto creating something new? I thought it was for the longest time but now…I realize that no, it’s ok to have those lyrics on standby until I can give them the structure and arrangement they deserve. It’s ok for me to work on something else, put it on this EP, and use these for something else down the road.

It’s so interesting to me the things that I’ve been learning in these past few months just working on these. I am excited to take what I learned forward, when I start working on other things. It’s been a blast, and I don’t want this creative streak to go away anytime soon!

Mana Aeliria Casting News!

I am sooo excited about this, and I am going to assume that since it was posted on their Facebook page, I can talk about this. I’m not sure if I posted about this here or on my Twitter, but I was auditioning for a string of voice acting and singing auditions lately. Well, one of those things was a really cool opportunity to be the singer of an indi RPGs theme song, and if the name of this post wasn’t obvious, I got the job! I am really happy, this is legit a dream I’ve always had: to sing the theme song to an RPG, and I am just so so so honored that I was chosen out of all the auditions. The game seems really cool too, and I can just tell it’s going to be really fun to work on, and a great foot in the door so to speak!

Here’s the Facebook page to the game if you’re interested in looking!

I’ll keep you guys posted on this, defos 😀 I just had to gush about this it’s like ayaaaah so so so cool I am so ecstatic! Can’t wait to start working on this!