Hurray For Happy Accidents!

I guess I’m on a be flexible  and chill and not so perfectionist kick lately, because something happened with baking the other day that otherwise would have made me stress out and possibly start over.  It was a good lesson for me and something fun I figured I’d share, so here we go!


I was making the brownies I love yesterday, and my brain was just not functioning in the brownie frame of mind.  I’m so used to making cookie bars that even though I was reading the recipe for the brownies, which says you need half a cup of flour, I put a full cup of flour in which is the amount for cookie bars.  I had already put in every other dry ingredient on top of it, so it’s not like I could jus tpull out half a cup of flour.  Oh no!  My brownies were ruined.
Or were theeeey~


My fam was like “Don’t worry about it” but I was like “Well the recipe takes 2 eggs, so what should I do?  It may not be the same consistency” so in the end we decided to just throw one egg in there to make it a cookie bar doughy consistency.  Having a full cup of flour in there made the chocolate taste a little less prominent, but I was eating the dough from the bowl that was left over (because come on, who doesn’t) and it tasted really good!  Like a chocolate sugar cookie, basically so I was really curious to see how the texture of the brownies would be after baking.


After the normal bake time, pulled it out and it was done – which is normally what happened with the brownies.  But I noticed it was a bit more fudgey than the more cakey brownies I make with the 2 eggs, and half a cup of flour.  Turns out, they were more fudgey, it was so delicious!!  It’s less chocolatey, but you can taste all of the flavors added into the brownie instead of just chocolate.  It somehow came out richer, probably because of that fudge texture.  I used baking powder because that’s what the brownie recipe needs, instead of baking soda which is what’s used for the cookie bars and it just turned out to be soooo good, it’s hard to describe!  And to think, I wouldn’t have found this new way to make brownies if I hadn’t “messed up” the recipe.  Today I ran out of vanilla extract, so am trying it with nutmeg, and it also makes a completely different tasting brownie!  Well, haven’t tried the brownie yet but the dough tasted sort of like a coffee, red velvety fudge.  Ugh this recipe is just so good, looove it!  I like how I can add frosting and other toppings in this because of the diluted  chocolate also, because the recipe I normally use is really rich from the getgo so it’s hard to add things.


But yeah, I’m loving not stressing so much about things being perfect, and figuring out how to work through problems instead of just starting over from scratch when something doesn’t turn out quite right.  This is the first time I drastically diverted form a recipe as well, and it’s really fun being creative in the kitchen – can’t wait to do it more!  I’m really curious to see how 2 eggs will work with the 1 cup of flour, we’ll see if I try to do that next time I make brownies!


My First Baking Victory, Brownie Success!

I’ve recently started actually getting into cooking and baking, and have been loving it.  I’m more of   a cooker than a baker for now, simply because I’ve been really nervous about baking something, and messing it up.  A few days ago, I got over that hurdle, and the results didn’t suck!


I’ve been collecting a ton of recipes for different sauces, dishes, and baked goods, and only have been trying the ones for sauces and cooking.  I know baking is more of a science, and if you mess that up then it just comes out wonky, but a few days ago I decided to get over that, and make some brownies from scratch.  Not only was the lack of leeway in the recipe a major nerve wracking factor to me, but cooking something for other people has made me really, really nervous because what if they don’t like it, or I ruin it?  But my family was just like “Whatever it’s just us” so I figured why not lol.


I got some minor help from my Mom, but not really – I did all of the mixing, and dishing out and stuff, she just made sure the dial on the oven was in the right place, and made sure I had the right ingredients and right sized measuring cups/spoons.  I’m glad she did that, because I thought some measuring spoons I use were different measurements, and now I know where certain ingredients are that I didn’t know where they were (baking powder and white flour, to name a few).


After all of my anxieties, it was super easy to bake some brownies!  They came out so delicious, and I’m so excited that I did my first baked good and it didn’t turn out like junk.  It’s majorly boosted my baking and cooking confidence, and I’m looking at some other breads and cakes to try this weekend (I’m looking to do an apple cinnamon bread or an easy cake, we’ll see).  I wish I had some pictures of the brownies, but we literally ate them all in a day and there were only about four left on day two, I’m glad they were such a hit!  Now I can go into the kitchen with a lot more confidence, like the other day I made pancakes and was really confident in flipping them, when they usually come out as a folded over mess.


I was afraid to bake for a long time, and now I don’t know what I was afraid about.  Sure there will be mishaps in the kitchen, but I’ll just take it as a learning experience if it does happen.  As long as the end product tastes delicious, I’ll say my recipe was a success!  I also can’t wait to start adding my own flare to some baked goods, too.  It’s going to be super fun to do, especially with the holidays coming up!