Sakura’s Theme/Sweet Song Cover is Finally Released, and My Triumphant Return to On Cam Videos!


I’ve had this done siNCE October, and I feel so bad it hasn’t come out until now.  I really wanted to do a video with me singing on it cuz I love this song, and this game so much.  But I got self concious again, and kept on putting it off.  The other day, I just decided to jump into doing video again, after a long period of self-reflecting, and support from different youtubers on twitter.  I got so wrapped up in how the video looked, how long it would take to set up, prepare, that I forgot that at the end of the day, just record video, no matter the quality you’re putting yourself out there.  So with that in mind, I did this simple video, and really enjoyed it.  I recorded another vlog like video that will be coming out soon, which is also something I’m really excited about!  I’ve wanted to vlog for ages and have always been afraid to, but this year I really want to stop thinking about what other people will think, and just do what I want to do.

I also can do very basic video editing in Reaper, which is great for the type of videos I want to do.  I was able to sync this one up myself, by listening to the audio of the video and lining it up with the audio of the track.  It’ll help loads with getting videos out consistently, because another huge hurdle of mine was having to ask someone to do the editing for me.  Of course, if I wanted something more in depth, I’d have to outsource, but it’s nice to have the ability to put out simple videos like this whenever I want to.  It’s very exciting to have this cover out, the way I always wanted to release it, and I’m really happy I didn’t settle for using stock footage, or game clips or something.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this cover!  Next video will be more chatty, then we’ll see what other covers, or originals, I come out with next.  Working on a lot of stuff right now, just not sure how soon I’ll be able to release it.


My First Production Diary on Patreon is Up!

In my bid to make more content for backers on my Patreon Page, I’ve started one of a few behind the scenes features over there.  A production diary, which is more or less a blog post about working on specific songs, and on my production process in general.  It’s pretty much a more in depth version of my Behind the Scenes Patreon Podcast (also available exclusively on Patreon) but as I’m working on stuff as opposed to a after the track is finished retrospective.  Because of this feature, my specific song writing posts are going to move over there, instead of me posting on this blog – I’ll post about generalized stuff over here still, but if you liked reading about more in depth things as far as my music making goes, then over on patreon is going to be where you’ll want to go.  It’s available to all reward tiers, so you can give as little as 1 dollar to gain access to it.  When you think about it, that’s less than a cup of coffee nowadays, so a pretty good deal if I do say so myself!


Hope everyone has a great Good Friday, and a wonderful Easter!  I’ve been working on making candies for the weekend these past few days, and am going to be dipping my caramel chews in chocolate to finish them off today.  Then I can relax and enjoy them with my cheesecake truffles!  A more in depth post will be coming on those next week, so until then, Happy Easter!

Ambient Fantasy is Available in Stores!

My newest EP, Ambient Fantasy is now available on all music platforms!  This ep is a 3 track cover album where I take 3 tracks from the Final Fantasy series and spin them to sound more atmospheric, and ambient (obviously).  If you’d like to stream or purchase it, links are below!  Doing either goes miles in regards to supporting me, and helping me be able to release more music in the future.  It’s not cheap to get these things out I tell ya what~





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Hope you enjoy the album.  Up next, I’m going to be working on an EP of originals, so be on the look out for that!

EPs, Original Music, and an Overall Musical Update

If that title doesn’t say it all, read on for more of a break down!
I’m currently in the process of uploading one of the Final Fantasy EPs I’ve been working on for the past few months to online music distributers, and can honestly say I’m very excited to be done with it’s production.  I love Final Fantasy music, but working on copious amounts of it for as many months as I did took a bit of a toll on me.  It won’t be the last Final Fantasy EP of mine this year, but I have to wait for another album I’m contributing to to drop before I can release that one (a track on the EP has to be released on said album first before I can do what I want with it).  I’m really happy I pushed myself to make these EPs though, because they gave me the confidence, and format of how I want to do the rest of my EPs this year.


While working on my ambient Final Fantasy EP, I kept on trying to add a fourth track to an EP that already had 3 tracks.  For some reason, in my head, the EP just had to have four tracks:  probably because that’s how I always see EPs formatted.  But no matter how hard I tried, going through at least six, if not more attempts at arranging a fourth track, nothing was working.  I got frustrated, and almost gave up…until I thought back to an article I read from a DIY musicians blog that had talked about doing what they called a 3p – you guessed it, an EP with three tracks, instead of four.  Their reasoning was, because you can work on 3 tracks fairly quickly, experiment with genres, song writing, etc etc, and not be fully committed to making a full album.  You can then release that content, have things for people to stream and purchase, and in the mean time work on another project of yours.


And that’s when my arranging slump had ended.  Because I already had a third track recorded, and just had to add vocals to it.  But re-reading that article gave me the confidence to just go and make a 3p:  which, according to soundrop, is still an EP.  A single is 1 to 2 tracks, an EP is 3 to 4, and an LP is 5 tracks or more, aka a full album.  So that was even more perfect!  Now I have a huge weight off my shoulders, and am just waiting for the tracks to get on stores.  And, with that creative hurdle done with, I have so many other ideas for 3Ps, including originals I can group together in that format that I already have recorded, ideas for EPs that I didn’t have before because doing 3 tracks at a time seems to be the magic number for me, and is a really manageable  amount for me to work on at any given time.  I can do 3 tracks in a month, and have consistent content coming out, and keep my creative juices flowing.  All win-win scenarios for me!


Another awesome thing I can do now, is hire my friend to do art for me!  I am beyond excited to have the budget to be able to do that, and to have someone reliable  to hire for said art on an ongoing basis.  Getting art done is my least favorite part of the process, because I don’t like having to hunt an artist down, if I’m being completely honest, so just having an awesome friend that I’m glad to hire for stuff is a good thing 🙂


My next musical projects are a little up in the air.  I’m deciding between doing a spiritual hymns EP, or re-recording originals of mine and releasing them as an EP:  I wrote them back in 2015 when I had no virtual instruments, not nearly as much  composing knowledge as I have now, and my voice has definitely gotten better, along with my mixing and production quality.  So I would really like to revamp, revisit, and release those tracks.  I’ll wind up doing both eventually, but I’m just deciding which project to do first.  I’m leaning more towards the original redos, because that’s what I’m inspired to do right now (and I have album art done for it already I got done waaay back when I wanted to release the acappella version of one of the tracks  and chickened out lol).  I’m debating recording a third track with lyrics I’ve had written for years for that, or just writing an entirely new song for it.  The EP would be based on different stories about different warriors, is the idea I’m having so we’ll see if I wind up writing something new for it or just redoing stuff.


I really want to get back into writing original singer/songwriter songs with lyrics too.  I love my covers, but I also love writing originals, and I haven’t written a non VGM based orig in foreeeeever.  So I really need to get my writing chops back up to par so I can get back to that, I miss it tons – luckily, I came up with a chorus as I was listening to music tonight, so fingers crossed I can get that turned into a nice song!


A rather big post, but I’ve been busy music-wise.  I’ll post again when Ambient Fantasy is available to stream/in stores!  I hope all of you are doing well, and having a great year so far!

1000 Words Final Fantasy X-2 Fandub/Cover, Happy Valentines day!


I really wanted to do a cover for Valentine’s Day this year, but doing a traditional love song just isn’t my cup of tea.  What is? Video game music!  And since I’ve been on a major Final Fantasy kick, and have always wanted to cover this song, I figured why not?  Forget Eyes on Me, this is the true classic FF love song that transcends time!


I don’t care what anyone says:  I adore FF X-2.  It was one of my childhood RPGs, and despite it’s flaws I just can’t hate it, especially for giving us this gem of a song, and this gem of a scene.  I’ve always wanted to do singing fandubs, but never had the equipment to do so…until now!  So decided that this song would be my first one because it’s so iconically linked to the scene in the game for me.  It was tons of fun to do, and honestly, making music videos out of the game scenes, or just syncing up with where the song plays in game has been something I’ve been really enjoying…and I’m tempted to adopt it as my main video style, but we’ll see!  Not ruling out any video styles honestly, this year, I want my channel to be super chill 🙂
So yeah, hope you enjoy this cover/fandub!  And have an amazing Valentines day.  I’ll probably be making some cookies with left over caramel sauce from the caramel cup chocolates I made yesterday!  I’ll see you after I leave my sugar coma rotfl.

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful YouTube Video


Not only is this the 2nd track on my Silent Night Single, but it’s also my last cover for 2017.  I hope you all have a lovely holiday season, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!  I was planning to do a post about my musical plans for next year, but remembered I just posted this today so decided to post this here instead.  I’m still going to do a post about what I have in store musically for 2018, but going to wait for when it’s a bit closer to the new year to talk about it:  I have a lot of fun plans, some already in progress and some about to start, but all in all next year is going to be full of musical releases, experimintation, and I’m hoping to grow a lot musically next year!
If you’d like to support me monetarily, consider either streaming, or purchasing this single at these stores:


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An Eciting Surprise!

I got a statement email from Soundrop, the site where I distribute my music to selling/steaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc etc.  Now, I only have 2 tracks up to distribute – one the Smile Bomb collab I did months ago, and the other my Terra’s Theme with lyrics.  I would get occasional updates from my collaborator on Smile Bomb, saying it streamed this much on Spotify and things like that and it was cool hearing how much people were listening to it but I didn’t really think of the actual money being made because I knew it wouldn’t be that much.  And, I knew Terra’s theme wasn’t doing too well – last time I looked at it, it had made one cent USD.  It doesn’t bother me at all, but like I said, I just posted up on distribution platforms, realized doing singles wasn’t my thing (I’d much rather make full albums of covers so I don’t have to get a piece of album art for everything I do and realized that while getting Terra’s theme together).  I figured, “Distributing music really doesn’t make a difference, no one is going to buy my stuff anyways because I’m some nobody that if they did want to support me, they’d just listen to my videos on YouTube”.
Until I got my first payout from Soundrop!  Wooooo~


Like I said, I wasn’t expecting this at all!  You have to hit a certain payment threshold before Soundrop pays out any money to you, and it isn’t a big threshold but I hadn’t hit it yet.  I need to still look at the stats for Terra’s theme, but I’m like 100 percent sure all the revenue is from Smile Bomb, and it’s so cool!  It made me realize that no matter how small an amount you think you’re going to make, it’s worth putting stuff up there on platforms you can get paid for because someone may just be looking around and see your song or something.  Like it’s so cool to me that this is 100 percent passive income, and all I did was pay the 9.99 to distribute a few months ago and got this money now!!  Not something I really ever foresaw happening, but it did and it’s amazing!!


I’ve been thinking about making music to be able to sell/license  out royalty free style, and also been thinking about releasing compelation Eps/albums of my covers from the year I’m able to make money off of (aka the ones I made myself, using no karaokes for).  I think God was like “Yes do iiiit” with that because I log onto my computer today and see this, and it just inspires me to not slack on making music, and vocal warmups, and really hone my craft so I can make whatever amounts of money at this that I can.  This payout wasn’t expected, but such a blessing!


Don’t know how to close this post out because it’s really just me gushing and being excited so…I got my first Soundrop payout today!  Wooooo!!!