Bubbly Clouds Kirby cover

Bubbly Clouds Cover [Kirby Series] – YouTube


I’m knee deep in teaching myself renpy/python coding in which I mean I have just barely gotten down making 2 types of menu choices and am now reading up on making variables in python when it’s still pretty intimidating to me, but ‘tis the way of things when you’re used to teaching yourself things.  I’m so used to the initial struggle of the learning curve that I’m just saying to myself “You’re going to be able to look back on this one day and say man, I can’t believe I struggled with doing that, it’s so easy now”.


But those are musings for another blog.  For this one, I continue Kirby month with a cover of Bubbly Clouds!


I say “continue” but this is going to be the last cover for the month.  I was hoping to do one a week for Kirby cuz I love him so much, but the other two covers I wanted to do I wanted to put more time into arranging because I have a lot of ideas for them.  I love this and Green Greens, but they’re both pretty simple in terms of my usual arrangements as of late.  Not a bad thing, but the other two I just really wanted to be a bit more…artistic than these two, as hipster as that sounds haha.  I don’t really have much to say about this one, it was a lot of fun to put together!  Not gonna lie:  I love how cute my upbeat Kirby covers sound, and this one really captures the floating bubbly feeling Bubbly Clouds gives me.  I feel like I can’t do a Kirby cover that doesn’t sound cute, they just come out that way XD


Finally got to use my shakers in something, so that was nice!  My musical style uses really scarce percussion usually so whenever I try to add shakers to something, they just never fit.  This was the first time I recorded them and said “Yeah, this sounds like it fits in here” so I was like woooo I finally get to use these things I purchased months ago lol.  Using the claves for that click clack bubble pop sound was super fun, too!  And a lot easier than trying to do it with my tongue clicking noise, that was a heralding experience.

Happy Birthday Kirby, you’re amazing and cute and I love yoooou!  Now back to my learning code cave~


Happy Birthday Kirby! Green Greens Cover

Green Greens A Cappella Cover [Kirby’s Dreamland] Crystal Dennis – YouTube


Happy birthday Kirby!  August 1, 1992 is when Kirby’s Dreamland was released in North America, so since that’s the date I would’ve gotten Kirby that’s the date I’m saying is his birthday – the same month as mine, woo!  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on the blog, but I looooove Kirby.  I have a lot of Kirby merch, and any time I need to color coordinate my room I always make it Kirby pink.  If I need a darker shade, then it’s the pink that’s his feet haha.  I just love how happy, sweet, and cute Kirby is, he just always makes me so happy and since this year is also his 25th anniversary, I thought it would be fun to make this month on my channel Kirby month!  Which means both the covers I’m posting this month are going to be Kirby, starting with this one.  I also thought it would be fitting, since it’s the very first stage track we ever got in a Kirby game!
For this one, I really just wanted to have fun.  So it may be a little silly, but whenever I listen to it I’m honestly really happy with how it came out – I was going for capturing that high energy, happy feeling Kirby always gives me, so hope I did!  The Kirby noise at the beginning I did before recording a certain take, and it was more of a blooper but I left it in because I liked what it added to the cover XD


But yeah, hope you enjoy!  Happy Kirby’s birthday to aaaaall~