I’m Back! An Imprompto Leave of Abscence

So I know I haven’t been super active on here in general, but for the past month I wound up having to get my computer fixed, so didn’t have a ton of access to the computer.  I had a really old phone  I could do limited stuff on which was a Godsend, and my brother was letting me use his computer here and there for small things.  I didn’t want to hog his computer though, so didn’t do toooo much.  I remember last year I did an intentional media fast where I just wasn’t going on unless I needed to, and having one forced on me this year honestly was really nice, and something I wasn’t expecting!
At first it bothered me, because I have a lot of projects going on.  I have an EP I wanted to post up, a document I was working on and all in all it just was really annoying to have all of that draw to a hault because of my computer deciding to randomly die on me.  Plus the anxiety of will my computer work again?  Really made me discouraged.


But luckily, my family helped me and having a PS4 to play on really helped my stress levels stay to a minium.  And also luckily, I didn’t have to replace my computer!  Just had to get a new charging cord, as per usual.  So now I’m back in business!


I luckily didn’t have too much of a backlog, but I’m working on stuff right now.  Like I just posted said album release that is in the process of being sent to stores, and working on setting up a mixing commissions document to post, and start opening up commissions for audio mixing services.  I’ll be sure to post both on here when they’re done, very excited for this new chapter:  I’ve never tried charging for audio mixing services, so I’m a little nervous about doing that.  But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?  We’ll see what opportunities come just by putting that out there.


But yeah, I’m back, and very happy about it!  I’ve been working on a new set of original songs, and all in all I’m happy I got a forced media fast.  It’s nice to recharge your batteries and just disconnect from the internet.  I think doing so is what got my inspiration to rework and retool this one original song I didn’t put on A Warrior’s Heart, and turn it into a full on concept for another EP that tells a story.  I’ve been super churning out ideas and lyrics for that one, and I feel like I wouldn’t have decided to just nix the idea I had for the 1st song that inspired the EP originally if not for my lack of YouTubes and the like.  Always a good idea to take a break and refocus yourself, and having to do that is something I wouldn’t have done if my computer didn’t die for a bit.


And that’s all for me now.  I’ll update when my album is out.  Hope everyone is doing well!


Where Have I been? A Life Update

Hi guys, it’s been a while!  I figured I’d explain a bit about why I’ve been MIA on this blog because I tend to post on a regular basis on this one, where on The Blind Nerd I post when I have something to post.  The main reason is I just needed a break from the internet.  I guess a sort of media fast in a way.  I felt like the amount of using the internet and absorbing all of the pop culture media I was doing had gotten a bit out of hand, and was starting to impede on my walk with God.  I didn’t think it would really be this long, but I’ve mainly just been using the computer for when I actually need to use it for things, like mixing songs, looking up things, reading my Bible, and other than that and watching the occasional youtube video (which I’m also working on cutting down on) I disengaged from all the noise that is social media, and internet culture.  I really needed to disconnect, reaffirm my faith, and come back slowly but surely with a lot more discernment  to what types of shows, music, and media I expose my brain to.


Everyone’s walk  with Christ is different, and everyone has vices and temptations they have to try and stay away from.  For me, in a way, it was taking in soooo much of the pop culture media out there.  With the amount of shows trying to make statements, set themselves apart from other shows, and send messages for people to receive, it honestly was blurring  moral lines from black and white to gray, and for me personally that isn’t ok.  So like I said, just had to take a step back, start reading my Bible, spend more time with my family, and with Jesus.  I’m slowly trickling back into the fold but I don’t want to   be anywhere near as open to every piece of media that I used to be, because doing so was clouding my walk with God which also isn’t ok by any means.


So what have I been doing, you might ask?  Pretty much the same things I do when I’m offline – spend time with family, and bake!  I’ve been slacking on making jewelry but want to get back into that.  Also, been making music, and looking for old Gospel music and church hymns to listen to since I’m not finding too many modern Christian artists I’m liking.  If you have any good recommendations, I’d love some!


I haven’t posted too many baked goods of the month because…I sort of slacked on that haha.  I had 3 to catch up on in the month of August, but baked two new things and know the third thing I want to make to catch up with that resolution of mine.  Funnily enough, they’ve all been breads – I made a cherry bread, a banana bread, and am planning on making pita bread for the last catch up baked good of the month.  I’m super excited to do the pita bread, since I’ve been nervous to do any breads with yeast, and I’ve read that one is one of the easier breads to start with.  I probably would have made the pita by now if I wasn’t craving brownies and made those twice this weekend, but either way it will get done XD
The holidays are coming up too, so I’m really excited to bake some holiday goodies!  I’ll have individual posts about each of the breads coming, so look forward to that.


That’s all that’s been going on with me, hope the rest of you are doing well!  God bless!

Time for a Venting Session!

I’ve been so tired lately it’s annoying. And really not in the mood to do many YouTube-y things.  Well, not exactly that, but my audio quality has been annoying me because I have white noise I hear in recordings and I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get it off ugh.  It doesn’t help that I want to license the thing with the loud white noise, but at this point I’m probably just gonna release it anyways because I’ve already tried re-recording the vocal and no luck.  The noise isn’t as loud, but it’s still there so…yeah, really not happy about that T_T I’m trying to just release things and not obsess about them being perfect, but this is bothering me so much!  I got some trouble shooting tips from people so I’ll try those for my next cover, but sooo frustrating.


Speaking of frustrating, I ordered an ocarina!  On Thursday.  They didn’t’ mail it out until this morning (and only after I emailed them) so I’m really upset at the company because I needed to get it tomorrow.  So now, I either have to wait an extra week, or have it sitting at a PO box until I go back which probably will not be for at least a month.  I ordered it last week so it would be here by tomorrow, that was plenty of time!  I know the ocarina gets good reviews, but I’m definitely going to leave a review about how wonky their customer service was.  Not only did they wait to ship it out this morning, but they didn’t even respond to my email inquiry.  I emailed them asking why my item hadn’t been shipped yet, and instead of replying with “Oh, sorry, we can refund your money if you needed it by tomorrow” they just…shipped it without even replying, like they didn’t even know I had ordered an ocarina from their Amazon store.  If I had gotten a reply, I would have probably canceled the order and ordered it later, because I really wanted the ocarina this week so I could implement it in covers.  Now, I have the choice of waiting a week to travel to my PO Box, or wait a few months to get it and not be able to use it in covers -_- really upset with this company.  They’re one of the big ocarina companies, so their lack of customer service is really frustrating and I doubt I’ll order from them again.  But what’s done is done, I suppose.


And what gets me about them too, is they didn’t even ship it with express shipping after such a long delay!  Like you should at least do that company, come on.  Raaaage!




I think I may add a few options to the types of videos I’d be doing covers with too, because ugh I’m still not feeling recording for this particular cover and I still can’t put my finger on why.  I have to record video for a collab this weekend, so I may just do it then.  Maybe it’s just because I’ve been feeling bleh lately.  Like I don’t really want to go on camera for the collab but I’m going to out of necessity.  I really need a backup for my covers/arrangements when I’m in a mood like this and just don’t want to be on camera, which probably will be still custom art, or stock footage/animations.  So for covers and originals I’ll have both those options available (though still don’t know how I feel about using a still photo for an arrangement, even if it is custom art lol).  I also want to use game footage for covers too, that would be really fun and another option I’ve thrown on for any cover I do.  I hate that I’m still conflicted about this, it’s not that big a deal and I need to stop stressing about it!
That was a good venting session I needed lol.  Hoping I’ll make a decision with my video styles soon, because I’m getting really annoyed with how stagnant my uploading schedule has been because of something this dumb and probably so inconsequential.  But in my typical way, time to over analyze and over stress about it for no reason~

Getting Things Situated

Since my computer has been on the fritz, I’ve been really stagnant in doing things I’ve been wanting to do, mainly with recording and arranging because my Mom’s computer doesn’t have all of the things that mine has for audio.  When I tried to mix something, it crashed whenever I tried to add one of the heavier effects, so I’m trying to keep mixing to a minimum.  Luckily, I can still record on here, so the collabs I’ve been asked to work on are still going to be happening but as far as content on my channel I don’t think I’ll have any for a while, which majorly bums me out.
I found out through a few more tech savvy friends, that the charging cord probably isn’t the issue.  I guess Acer computers have a problem with soldering?  And a chronic issue with them is that the area where the cord plugs in gets  loose and doesn’t take a charge.  I decided to order an extra cord just in case, but I’ve been looking for computer repair people around my area that may be able to fix the issue.  But now I’m super nervous my computer will catch on fire or something if they don’t know what they are doing rotfl.  I don’t have everything backed up on my computer either, so I’m kind of mini-freaking out over looking for a computer repair place and getting this fixed, or I dunno, just buying another computer all together ugh.  Worst case scenario, I buy a new computer and pull the hard drive out of my old one and make it an external.


But anyway!  Instead of dwelling on that stuff, I have been putting things in order for my YouTube channel, and home studio setup.  I’m super excited to DIY a portable recording booth for my mic, and just bought some acoustic panels to use for it.  I have everything else already at home, and I have plans to glam it up with pink paint and possibly glitter-tasticness with my Mom XD I love Nintendo’s Kirby, so I may get a print to put on it too, we’ll see when I actually get to designing it!


The other thing I’m super excited about is that I finally got my Pay Pal in working order again!  For months I wasn’t able to log into my account because it would ask me to make a business account –shakes fist-.  I emailed customer service and got no response, so yesterday I was determined to get it resolved by staying on the phone until I got an actual human being to fix it.  I got said human being, and they downgraded my account back to personal, and it was so nice to see the account summary page of my Pay Pal again!  More importantly, I can use it to pay to commission people for things like audio mastering and graphics and stuff again EEE!  It was such a huge relief to get that situated again, like seriously!


Right now I’m just exploring YouTube, figuring out what I should be doing to optimize my channel, along with that, I have some other things I’m getting ready to launch with my next video, that I can’t wait to get working on!  I really hope I can get my computer fixed soon because as grateful as I am to my Mom for letting me use her secondary computer, man I miss mine so much!  You get attached to your computer when you use it for everything lol.  But at least I can still do half the things I do on here, just not being able to make music myself is making me really anxious XD but baby steps, baby steps.  I’m still working towards my goals so I will just keep telling myself that!