Baked Good of the Month: Smore Pie

This baked good is a new landmark, because it’s the first one that I made the recipe myself!  Well sort of.  It was a few recipes put together to make this one, and needs some tweaking but…I did it all with my noggin instead of just following a recipe verbatim, so woo!


A while ago I got the idea to make a smore pie.  Took me a while to figure out how to do it, but after brain storming I figured I’d do it this way:  Get a gram cracker crust, use my brownie recipe, bake it then melt marshmellow and put it on top after baking.  It tastes delicious, but a few things need to be fixed to be a bit easier.  The main thing is, when to use the marshmellows.  Like I melted them fine but trying to get them on the top of the brownie before it solidified back into being super sticky was a feat all it’s own.  Had to use a lot of marshmellows too, but it worked!  It also majorly got stuck to my hands while trying to get it on, a major pain XD I think next time I’m going to try using marshmellow fluff, or maybe making marshmellow flavored ganache or meringue.  I’m torn about using the crust, as well:  my brother likes it, my Mom and I are iffy on it.  I can’t really taste it to be perfectly honest, and my Mom came up with the idea to crumble the crackers on top of the brownie instead of using a crust, which I actually like.  I think that way, I could actually taste the gram crackers with the marshmellow, and the chocolate would be easier to taste too.  But overall this first go was a good success:  I like the texture of everything, just have to stream line the process a bit more.
Not sure when I want to try it again, because I’m not really a huge smore eater.  It was just an idea I really wanted to try before going to something else, so glad it worked!