Hello! An introduction to ValkyrieCeles

Hello, and thank you for stopping by! Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Crystal, and I’m a blind Celtic music singer a little too obsessed with Sailor Moon and video games (it took a lot of will power to not intro myself in the typical magical girl style XD) I love to write, craft, sing (obviously cuz it’s what I do for a living) and just generally derp around on the internets. I adore fanfiction – both reading and writing, and am very passionate about my various fandoms. I adore Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy Vi especially, hence the ‘Celes’ in my user name. I love expressing my creative whims on the web, so that’s what this space is for!

Some links of my various haunts on the internet:https://soundcloud.com/valkyrieceleshttps://www.fanfiction.net/u/1141593/Valkyrie-Celes