YouTube Views Experiment, Results and Closing Thoughts

A month ago I started a test where I started monitoring the views of one vide, without any video footage attached to it, and just using a still image.  I wanted to see if it would get the same amount of views in a month, as a video where I was on camera singing just to see if it makes a difference.  At the end of the month, Weight of the World wound up getting 78 views, as opposed to my Inuyasha medley having 194 views in a month.  But, I also posted 3 videos this month, and one the month I posted the Inuyasha video, so I feel like that may have to do with the view count as well – Inuyasha was the only video posted the month it was posted, so if new people came to the channel, that would be the first video to click.  Since I posted 3 this last month, I think my view count got split between those three videos (they all netted about 60-80 views – Inuyasha got 194 in the first month, but do the math and that’s about how many the 3 videos got per month).


There were so many variable’s to this experiment, I feel like it didn’t quite work.  For example, my Terra’s theme video has only been up a week, and already has 63 views.  That has me singing in it, along with the album art for the cover.  However, The Witching Hour, which is an animation video, also got a decent amount of views – 69 in a few weeks, and doesn’t have me on it at all.  Even Weight of the World, which like I said is a still image video, still got a lot of views in a month.  So I guess the end result of my experiment is…the video format doesn’t really matter?  When posting consistently I got the same amount of views on videos, but like I said I’m still getting more traction from the being on camera videos (Inuyasha medley went up by 30 views this month, Terra’s theme is new and got the amount of the other two videos in less than a week).


At the end of the day, I guess just keep posting videos, you’ll get views and subscribers.  My experiment wasn’t really a failure, just a bit of an eye opener:  If your music is good, people will listen.  I think the best thing to do is have a moving video format instead of a still one, though:  Like if I’m not on cam, use game footage, or animations, because I do notice I get a lot more traction from a video that has a moving picture aspect to it.  I didn’t take into account the popularity of the tracks I’m doing either, so like not sure if that goes into account also.


So TL;DR:  This experiment was a semi-success?  It helped me see what to keep on doing on my channel, and what not to do, so I suppose it worked well!
If you’d like to see any of the videos I’m talking about, head on over to my YouTube Channel and take a listen!


Some of my Favorite Video Game Cover Artists

In honor of all of the collaborations I’ve been doing lately (I got asked to participate in two more woo) I thought, I would dedicate this post to some of my favorite YouTube cover artists!  Now, I’ll put out there right now:  I primarily listen to video game music, so most of the people I listen to are part of the video game music scene.  Well, scratch that:  All of them will be part of the video game music scene XD

Tera C Music

I found Tera through googling for a cover of Sanctuary from Kingdom Hearts 2.  Not gonna lie,, I only really like covers of that song, and that’s what started my hunt.  That, and I really wanted to find some female VGM artists, because I find the genre a lot more saturated by guys.  Tera has this really beautiful style of a cappella, combined with her violin playing that I just love to pieces.  Since I’ve subscribed to her, her style has definitely evolved, and is only getting better, so if you like vgm covers with a more classical twist, go check her out!


Man oh man, how can I describe PyjamaPantsMusic?  She has this beautiful, operatic tone to her voice, that I adore so much.  Her covers are so simple, while at the same time being so intricate and intense and every thing she does is just gold.  She is by far my favorite VGM cover artist, 10/10 highly recommend!

Kain White

Want some really chill, really atmospheric, video game music?  This is your channel.  Kain’s style is so great, and so developed, that I just love hearing each and every cover he does.  This style is something I strive to achieve one day, so I will always listen to his stuff for inspiration!


Another person I found because of my Sanctuary hunt.  Michelle’s stuff is primarily piano, with vocals and some occasional drum work, but it’s once again all just so atmospheric, and always great to listen to.  Some days I just listen to her music when I need to kick back and relax, and it works every time~

And those are my top picks  for YouTube cover artists.  I listen to tons more, but these are the ones I always look forward to uploads from and enjoy everything they do.  Do you have any artists you love to pieces?  Would love to see in the comments!

The End of My First Video Recording Adventure!

This weekend, I sat down to record the video for the collaboration I mentioned last week.  It bwas quite an interesting experience, and I really wanted to talk about it so here we go!


First and foremost, I just want to say it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be.  I think I mentioned that before, but after actually  doing it I just want to reiterate how very, very simple it is haha.  Like, I had to ask for some help from my Mom (which is something I don’t like doing but that’s more because of my personal dumb hangups about asking for help) and she did my makeup, helped me position the camera, and I did all the recordings on Saturday night.  And, it was surprisingly easy!  At first I was really nervous, because I was just really focused on the fact that I was filming myself, but after a few botched takes, I realized it was no different than when I record my audio:  Start the instrumental, start singing, stop recording after the instrumental had played out.  Only difference was, I was on camera doing it, instead of in front of my mic.
So then I went to trim the video footage, which wasn’t really hard either.  Of course, I showed it to some friends, and my Mom before sending it to my collaborator and unfortunately my Mom thought my mouth was way too open (like, seeing my tonsils and stuff open) so I redid it on Sunday.  To be honest, I…don’t quite see why showing that much of your mouth would be such a big deal while singing because you know, you’re singing, but I figure since I was going to be on another person’s channel, I would redo the footage with my mouth looking “normal”.  It was more practice for recording video anyway, so it only irritated me for a little while.  I just had to put into my head “My Mom is just doing what she thinks will show the best side of me, so whatever I’ll roll with it” and instead of usually being uber annoyed for the rest of the day, I asked her for recording tips, we adjusted the camera accordingly after each take, and after we got everything well situated, I re-uploaded the files and sent them on their way.


So yeah, it was waaay easier than I thought it would be!  A lot of it is tedious, more than anything, but that’s dealable and now I know that when I record video of me singing that I’m going to just mute and sinc up with audio, I don’t have to sing the way I would while recording.  You don’t need to get the best sound, you just need to get a good take of video footage to use.  I’d like to work more on facial expressions while singing, so I think I am going to do so with my covers/arrangements I post on YouTube from now on (unless I really want to have an animated video or something lol).  Granted, in this session I was just doing a ton of “Ahs” so there isn’t really much to be done for emoting or facial expressions, but something I need to practice for other songs.  I think putting myself out there, both with audio and video is going to help me grow as an artist, because after doing this video recording session, I felt exhausted in that “Oh yeah I accomplished something it’s going to be great but now time to chill” way.  And, I got tons of ideas for shooting video footage, just in my house and on my patio!  Now to buy some instruments already…


So, that is the end of my heralding first video filming session specifically for YouTube.  Was super fun, and learned a lot of stuff!  Can’t wait to post more videos, and show you guys this collab when it’s finished!